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T.V. Exposure for $75

TV advertising usually costs 1000’s of dollars, but you have an opportunity to participate for only $75.  This averages out to $5 per ad, for this once in a lifetime TV exposure! Who could refuse a deal like this?  With our Co-Op advertising your business will finally get the advertising it deserves.


Women's Speed Networking & Business Association(WSNBA) will be airing (fifteen) 30-second TV ads and would like to offer you a piece of the action! Our ads will appear on the ElectricBear Studios, with an audience of 40 million households. Our special page on our site will populate with our advertisers' buttons. Your button will link to your site.

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You should see the quality of work they do it is fantastic. I did one for Sassy Kids Boutique of Texas and it is perfect. I even had a friend from Austrlia do one for her business. If you would like to see our commercial email me at and I will send you a copy you can view. Once you do you will want one too.
Yes, this co-op sponsor is a great value for your business. No one else has ever offered this kind of advertising from work at home moms and small business. Get in on it today.

Our TV Commercial will be aired in July and August with 15 commercial spots.
Limited spots available.

Want to join our co-op advertising & be our sponsor and drive millions to your site?
With our Co-Op advertising your business will finally get the advertising it deserves.
No, they have not Denice and if you do online parties and pay for them or take ads out on the interenet save that money and invest in this commercial it will be a whole lot better for you in the long run as many more people will find out about you than if you keep doing the parties and ads we all pay to do on here.
WSNBA commercial will be available this afternoon. If you would like a preview in advance for it, please email me and I will send it directly to you.


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