Get a Free business tool bar for your business. Everyone is getting it . I have a business tool bar.
Your business tool bar will have your business url on it. When you use your business tool bar to do your search, yahoo pays you 2.5 cents. The secret is to have as mnay people as possilbe download your busienss tool bar.
When they do that and use your tool bar to do their search, yahoo will pay you the owner of the tool bar.
Yahoo will also pay 40% of money generated from your tool bar to a nonprofit organization of your choice.
Your tool bar also will serve as a means of advertising your own business.

This is a no brainer...and to think of it, it is FREEE for all business and nonprofits.
Go here to see some great companies that are using this excellent tool.

Go here to get your FREE Business tool bar

Tassel Daley(Ourgv Director)
813 651 981

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