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     Tell me how you got propose? Or any of your Date It could be humors, touching, horrible, or romantic. I will pick two winners. You can post your reply on my Blog page. Contest end Feb 15.2011. You will be contacted via my email.

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My (ex) husband loves chicken but it has to be done just right; if it's not cooked all the way through he would get really upset.

I met him for lunch one day at Ryan's a favorute restaraunt of ours; he got there first and was seated in the middle of the area at a table. I didn't think anything of it even though it was unusual both for him to get there first and to be sitting in the middle; he didn't like open areas. We ate and chatted we had talked about getting married before and talked a little about it now; mostly we talked about the trip we were planning that week.


After we'd been there for a little while he began to complain to about the chicken which didn't surprise me. I thought to myself here we go again especially when he asked for a manager. He sounded really angry so when the waitress and rwo managers came to the table I went into damage control mode telling them it was ok not to worry about it. The manager cut me off and told me she wanted to hear what Brian had to say.

Brian reached across the table and took my hand and slipped the exact ring I wanted the exact fit onto my hand and asked me if I would do him the honor of being his wife.

When the manager took a camera from behind her back and took our picture I knew I'd been set up. A cheer went up throughout the restaruant  and they began to chant say yes say yes. One of the other patrons who was a singer came over and sang to us I couldn't help but cry; and of course I said yes.


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