What’s image got to do with it?


A few days ago I found a new hairdresser I had been referred to by a friend. When I saw her; she was looking on point! Well dressed, great hairdo, lovely clothes & shoes “& who
knew someone can make hair in 8 inch heels?” Her working space was clean, neat
and tidied up. Immediately these are the thoughts that were going through my
head, “wow, now I know I am going to leave this place with a great hairdo ... she
surely knows how to do her thing... she even has business cards piled in the
corner? Wow!”


So what’s image go to do with it, anyway?


Our society is so image-conscious that everything is being judged by how it looks first. People have a certain perception about your company, organisation or business when
they see certain aspects of your business; what are these factors? You may ask.
These include certain aspects from your business name, logo, stationery,
website and yes, personnel. Every time you call a client, reply an email,
change the setup of your office, give out brochures you are making a
contribution toward the image of your business. Your image has to do with the
things you use to make an impression on the public.


So what do you need to do?


À    You need to define certain qualities that you would want your business to be identified with. What words do you want to go through people’s minds when they hear or see anything to do
with your business? When they see your website, when they see your logo, when
they talk to you on the phone and when they see you!

À    Your image should define your company. You now know the qualities that define your business; but does every other aspect define your company? Is there need for an image or brand make over?

À    You need to have a distinctive logo that will not leave the mind of your client and one that shows exactly who you are and what you are all about.

À    You should have engaging stationery designs for all print material; that is, for your business cards, your letterheads and with compliments notes.

À    Your image should communicate professionalism right from the start; this even begins with the first enquiry you will get about your business.

À    Your image should match with the target market. Know who your target market is to begin with. Are you aiming for the upscale high earners? If so, then even the stationery you use to correspond
with them should be upscale.


Take some time to sit down and write down the words that come to mind when you look at your existing business image. After that write down words that you want to come
into mind when people see your business image. Is there need for an image
makeover? If so, what steps can you take to revamp your business image?


After getting my hair done, I decided to get my nails done as well. There were three ladies who were readily available to do my nails, and I headed straight to the one that who was looking
quite good, neat and very organised. Did she do a good job with my nails? She
tried, but I do not want to relive the same process; it was not as good as I
thought it would be; she even skipped certain stages of the process that I
believe every woman who gets her nails done even knows.  


So what happened here with the nails lady? My experience as a customer was below my expectation. The customer experience should always equal or even exceed the
customer expectation. The image you portray places certain expectations in your
customer. I expected the hairdresser to do a good job based on her image and
indeed she did. I expected the manicurist to do a great job based on the image
she had and she did not even match up to my expectations. Even after having an
image or brand makeover, make sure you deliver as best as you can. The customer
experience is the make or break point that determines whether you have put all
your makeover efforts in vain.


There are so many benefits that arise from portraying a good image of your business. There are so many things people neglect that would add a little something. For
example a website; do you have one? Visit for one



Recently on  and to a number of ladies I posed a question on whether the way a person looks would affect your decision to do business with them. Some people responded:

A: Yes, image is everything; the way you look says a lot about what you do and the way you do it

A. Yes, sloppy look, sloppy work!

What do you think?

Visit view what people are saying and to post your response.




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