Did you know that African American Women are more likely to die from breast cancer than our white counterparts? Breast cancer is the most common cancer among African American Women! Complicating matters further is the fact that women are NOT being given critical information that would help them have healthier breasts. A few things that you need to do is: 1) Wear your bra as little as possible and certainly do not wear a bra 24 hours a day! 2) Wash all new clothes before you wear them as they have toxic chemicals on them (such as fire retardant) that are absorbed into your body. 3) Be mindful of what you put on your body in the form of toxic perfume, make-up, antiperspirants and body creams as everything is absorbed through the skin and filtered through the liver, thereby straining your immune system and diminishing your breast health.

I am a Breast Health Ambassador with Plexus Pink. At Plexus Pink, we are committed to helping women take breast health back into their own hands, literally! It is time to raise our voices and bring about urgently needed changes to protect ourselves and our children from the toxic, chemical laden, hormone ridden society we have come to accept as normal. Is your breast health important enough to you to learn more? I certainly hope so!

Please visit: to learn more about our amazing products designed specifically to help women literally take their breast health back into their own hands. I am also seeking more Ambassadors and would love for you to join me!


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