In order for your efforts to pay off I have learned the hard way that you have to be consistent with your marketing. If you haven’t already you need to put in a place a weekly marketing strategy that reflects your business and personality. In order to be successful online you have to place systems in place that work for you. If your online goal is to blog weekly and build relationships. Write down the necessary steps to accomplish your goal and stick to it.

This will help build your online visibility and also give your readers something to look forward to especially when you are adding value and helping solve their problems.

Here are some examples:

Weekly Blogging – Set aside a day a week to write your blogs and schedule them for the month. Don’t wait until the day of and start writing. It can become overwhelming.

When looking for blogging ideas keep in mind your target market what is it that they want, if you are not sure ask them.

Throughout the month you can jot down the different topics you want to talk about and go from there.

TeleClasses - If you are doing monthly TeleClasses make it a goal to be consistent, weekly, monthly, or quarterly.

Online Marketing - If you are looking to build your business on Twitter or Facebook please be sure to check out the FREE weekly training.

LaKeisha Hankins

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