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Hi Ladies,

My name is Cheryl and I am a Silpada Designs Representative. Silpada offers an exclusive selection of handcrafted fine Sterling Silver (.925) Jewelry from designers and artisans all over the world. As a Representative, I offer you the opportunity to purchase jewelry, earn free jewelry by hosting a party and/or earn an average of $225 per party by joining my team. For more information on any of my services, email me at or visit my website at
I'm Barbara and I'm an Independent Representative for WorldVentures. WorldVentures has taken the wholesale bulk concept of Cosco and Sams' Club and applied it to travel. We have DreamTrips! Dream Vacations at Dream Prices! I'm going on a $99 cruise on May 30. Can't wait!

Looking for a steady source of income? With WorldVentures, I've found a home-based online business with a low start up cost and found that it really works! I've created a steady source of income and the business is growing by leaps and bounds! It's easy, it's fun..Make a Living...Living!

To Get Something You've Never Had, You Have to Do Something You've Never Done!!!!

For more information, contact me at

See the DreamTrips:
My name is Tosh and I'm a graphic designer and visual artist. I freelance primarily, while attending school for my M.Ed. I'm also a portrait artist and have done a number of shows around the country. I am represented in 4 state, 2 of which are on the west coast. I'm new to this site and enjoy meeting people.Thanks for having me.
My name Sherine. I am an Empowerment Consultant/Life Coach and founder of Your Break Through.

Your Break Through is all about positive change for you, as an individual...or your organization. Positive change in your life is a direct result of positive changes in your attitude towards your life. I can help.

Visit us at:
or email us at:
My name is Kimberlee. I am an Independent Consultant for Tastefully Simple, a gourmet food company. We provide easy to prepare foods, so you can spend more time with the ones that you love. Most of my clients have in home taste testing parties to try out our products while others have catalog parties, or just order because the food in the catalog looks so good.

For more information visit my page or my website

I look forward to meeting lots of new people.

My name is Lakeisha. I am a Princess House Lifestyle Consultant. Princess House offers a way to cook with confidence, dine with distinction and entertain with ease. This a great opportunity for those who want to spend more time with their family, set their own hours, travel as well as do something you enjoy. Most of my costumers have hostess parties and I also do catalog parties for those I meet online or who simply just want to purchase from the catalog.

Please stop by and check out my website or contact me for more information:

Good Luck to all of you and God Bless!!
Hello my name is Jami and I have 2 questions to ask you. The same 2 questions that were asked to me and changed my life.

1. Would you be interested in learning how to provide extra income for yourself and your family or to possible replace the income that you currently make at your 9-5?

2. Would you be interested in learning how to lower the bills you have already for your telecom bills, cell phone services, LD and Local calls, or satellite TV?

If you answered yes to either question please take a look at the website below. If you said NO to either question but know someone who would say yes, please pass on the link below!

Hi I am Sakina! I am a Warm Spirit Independent Consultant and a Travel Agent. Warm Spiritis a comprehensive collection of wonderful nature-based products. I have everything for your daily self-care and pampering/relaxation needs. Please visit

If you want to travel wholesale and earn monthly residuals please look at Traverus Travel. It is not like anything you have ever seen. Check this quick presentation

I'm an Independent Consultant with the Pampered Chef. Working this business from home allows me the flexibility that is needed when raising a family. These products help to bring families back to the dinner table by making meal preparation quick and nutritious. I'm always looking for those who care to focus on family first to add to my team. Hope to hear from you soon!
Since 1998, I have been a Virtual Assistant specializing in data entry, presentations, word processing, database management, editing and proofreading services, clerical and secretarial services including mass mailings, form typing, thesis and manuscript processing.

I've worked with Independent Contractors, Individuals and Small Business Owners over the years to help them grow and succeed so why not let me help you too. Take care and God bless.
Gazelle Simmons, Virtual Assistant,
Owner of Admin Services,
Vice President of Women Business Owners
I am a medical office specialist. How do you obtain clients in this business?


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