It doesn't matter if you call it a "home-based business" or you call yourself a "Work At Home Mom" or a "Work At Home Woman"...we all need support from others to become a success. And in the age of the internet you have the possiblity to interact with people from ALL over the United States and internationally. But too often we limit ourselves to "certain" social media sites, well...why can't we take the same thinking approach in our entreprenuerial ambition and do the same in our marketing. Support small business social media websites, yes "FACEBOOK", "TWITTER", "MYSPACE" etc. are all great and you need the exposure but those sites started off as small business social media websites and they needed support from others to become successful.


U.N.O. is a small business social media website. We are your social and eCommerce network, we have groups, forums, media library, promotion packages and our GREATEST weapon is that we are small business owners like YOU, who are daily striving to be better than we were yesterday keeping GOD's WORD at our right-hand side for guidance.


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