2010 was an exciting year, but The Best is Yet to Come.


Use the affirmations as seeds

that blossom into realization of your dreams.


Recite with feeling this daily affirmation to program

each day for your immediate success:


“Today is the most magnificent day of my life.

Health, wealth, happiness, love success, prosperity

 and money come to me in great abundance.”


Finally, I need your help to achieve one of my goals for 2011:


To positively impact and transform the lives

Of 1,000 achievers who want 2011 to be

I-N C-R-E-D-I-B-L-Y            G-R-E-A-T


To help transform the lives of these Super Achievers,

I have scheduled a 4-Part live Webinar entitled,


New You for the New Year


to provide the information, training, and tools to make 2011




To launch this campaign, I am seeking a Core Group

of 144 super achievers who will


Join our 2011 Success Team  


By Midnight, Monday, January 3, 2011


Act right away. Seating is limited


To join our Success Team:

1.      Purchase your copy of the Twelve Universal Laws of Success Ebook at:

2.      Register at no cost as a Success Team Member for the New You for the New Year webinar at:


Once you join our team, I will send you another gift: MP3 download of

“Wealth Building In Trying Times”

Herbert Harris, author of The Twelve Universal Laws of Success


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