Working from home is getting to be real tough. The winter season in my neck of the woods was really bad but Spring is coming. I am looking for ideas of how to beat the work at home blues. I wish my local libraries had better hours. Currently they open up early afternoons right before the school kids are let out. I looking into coworking but can't afford it. I don't drink coffe, so where can I work that is not home?


Have you guys ever experience work at home blues?

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Go to a coffee house or a meetup of like minded individuals.


That ould giveyoua pleasant atmospere which is what you want.


Good hunting.



Thanks Michelle,


I'll look into the meetups.

Use to find local groups of people in your local area. You can even specify down to the industry you are interested in. I suggest you do at minimum one per week.

Your local SCORE classes, not just for learning but for networking ang getting you out the house and in contact with other HUMANS. Smile  The Score folk also have access to many things you might not think of them for.

Doing this will clear your head and give you a chance to interact and try out ideas, perfect your elevator speech and get feedback from people who don't love you. It also broadens you social network. People will feel more comfortable sending you referrals because they have been in your energy and have gained a certain level of comfort with you.


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