Facebook Marketing is now bigger than Google and just as big as Twitter. If you aren't seriously marketing your business on Facebook, then you need to get started. If you are on Facebook, let's stay connected. Here is my facebook profile page:

FYI: I recently did an amazing Facebook marketing webinar for the Women of Color Coaching Program. It was all about how you can optimize your facebook profile, generate more traffic to your website, and take advantage of free email marketing opportunities. If you missed it, you can join me on Business Women of Color to listen to the replay. Plus you get access to our upcoming and previous marketing webinars. Click here for details.

Post your facebook link in the comment box below.

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My facebook username is
Hi I can only agree more with LaShanda. It is the In thing. Join me
Hello Ladies.. I'm new to this site...but wanted to introduce myself to the group and put my facebook information down as well.. look forward to adding you all as friends!

Hi! You can see my facebook page here
Greetings my name is Kimberly Clark Wedding & Event Producer of drezrehersal Event Planning & Lifestyle Co. Join me on facebook at :

Note: If Friend me on Facebook, please add a note along with friend request that you are with BBWO. You may also link to my business page at the below:

Like Us on Facebook @ Co

I look forward to networking with you all...

Wedding & Event Producer


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