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If you need an insightful analysis of your love life, career prospects or anything else that has you stumped, Virgo is your best bet. Virgo is, after all, a practical Earth sign that's ruled by brainy, logical Mercury. As such, they see what less astute people tend to miss. They'll pick apart your quandary on every level, down to the last nick-picky detail (which you no doubt overlooked). Your Virgo friend will have noticed all the faults of your troublesome boyfriend and probably advise you to dump him, Whether his faults are worth dumping him for is entirely up to you, but depend on your Virgo friend to point them out, just the same.

But just remember, your Virgo is just being helpful. That's because Virgo is the sign of service - their main motivation is to be useful. If you're feeling depressed, rely on your Virgo friend to supply herbal tea and sound advice. However, they won't pull any punches if they see you're up to something that's detrimental to your well being. And they're usually right!

Efficient, humble, and hard-working, Virgo helps make the world go 'round, often from behind the scenes. They usually don't make their presence known while they go about their business. However, you'll certainly feel their absence after they leave, when everything turns to chaos from the countless little things left undone. They are smart, hard-working perfectionists, which make them highly competent at whatever they do, but then, it's all in the details for Virgo.

But in the beginning, you have to get their attention, first. Then you have to earn their respect (hopefully you're a bit brainy yourself). These tasks aren't easy because Virgo is picky with a capital P. They have extremely high standards. What's more, they're so self-sufficient that some of them are perfectly happy being alone for long periods of time. Approach a Virgo too quickly, and without finesse, and you'll get the cold shoulder. They'll pretend you don't exist. That trait gives them a powerful mystique. Being hard to get isn't a game to Virgo, it's in their nature.

So, how do you entice a hard-to-get Virgo? You'll need to be subtle, smart and sensitive - but strong as well or else they won't respect you. And you'd better be genuine because Virgos can spot fake people from a mile away. Did I say it would be easy? However, once you've captured the heart of your Virgo, they'll do whatever it takes to make the relationship work, because hard work comes naturally to them as well.

Symbolized by the virgin, Virgo is the purist of the world, seeking perfection and truth in everything they do. They are the healers of the world, too, making the world a better place to live.
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The World Aint Ready for Us...VIRGOS

Started by Go'diloX. Last reply by Beverly Oct 31, 2008. 12 Replies


Started by Go'diloX. Last reply by Beverly Oct 31, 2008. 5 Replies

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Comment by PheNixx on May 21, 2011 at 9:38pm

Wow, where's my Fellow Virgos @. I'm missing yall.

Roll Call. Check In Time.

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Comment by Trisha Martin on March 30, 2009 at 1:42am
Well ladies, it's been a little over two months since I wrote my last rant and rave and let me tell you, a lot has changed since I alerted you of my proposed business venture. First and foremost, I never made it to second base in getting my business started. Fortunately for me, I was called back to the job I was laid off of in December. I started back to work Feb. 10, but not before finding the new love of my life on Feb. 7 at a pre-valentine's day party. We met on the dance floor and have been dancing ever since. I'm not sure of my wedding date, but I shall soon be Mrs. Davis once more. See, I was married before for nine years to a man who carried the same last name as my future husband. When I divorced, I distinctly made sure that I resumed my maiden name. Well five years later, here I am, once again about to become Mrs. Davis yet again. This time, there was no "you need to marry me or..." My future husband claimed me for his very own, the night we met. After talking on the phone continuously for about a week, he had made up in his mind that I was his future wife. During our conversations, I informed him of my planned business venture and at first he was in agreement with my "go get that money" attitude, but later informed me that no wife of his was going to be showing her goodies to anyone except for himself. After learning of my other talents, mainly my gift for the spoken word and writing, he encouraged me to pursue my destiny and make my millions inspiring people through my writing. I respected his position as my husband even though we have not formerly walked down the aisle. So ladies, to make a long story short, mommi is about to be Mrs. Patricia Jeanine Davis, this time, no hyphen as I plan on staying with this man, "til death do us part." I need your support today by purchasing my book online at any site you come to after typing in "My Naked Mind by Trisha Martin." I am currently working on getting my next three books published by the end of 2010. Won't you please support me as I fulfill my destiny and share in my, "My time to shine in 09" campaign? Peace and blessing to all!
Comment by Go'diloX on February 15, 2009 at 9:06pm
Comment by on January 22, 2009 at 9:51am
Look out! Cause here we come. So nice to see some activity here again.
Happy New Year, Happy New Day. Virgo's
Comment by Go'diloX on January 19, 2009 at 8:32pm
Welcome to ALL our new members..I want you all to know we Virgo's are going to take 2009 by storm!!
Comment by on December 17, 2008 at 1:37pm
Well, Virgo Vixens, I guess no one is interested in recieveing a FREE MUG. But, If you still would like to receive your FREE VIRGO MUG (As seen below). December 31, 2008 will be the final deadline. So, register at All Vixen's should recieve delivery within 4-6 weeks from 12/31/08.
Happy Holiday's to all and a Loving New Year!
Comment by on December 9, 2008 at 3:16pm

Well, Virgo Vixens, time is growing near to claim your FREE VIRGO MUG. December 15, 2008 will be the deadline. So, register at All Vixen's should recieve delivery within 4-6 weeks from 12/15/08. Happy Holiday's to all
Comment by Trisha Martin on November 30, 2008 at 5:36pm
Can we say, "no more turkey, no more turkeyyyyyyyy?"
Comment by Ms. Melanian on November 30, 2008 at 7:47am
Dear Ms. Vixen,

I am a pure virgo. I look forward to being a member of this group.
Comment by on November 29, 2008 at 4:06pm
Well, Virgo Vixens, The offer still applies, I'm really thankful this season. Wanting to give thanks! So for the first 10 sign-up;s or more at You'll recieve a FREE Zodiac Virgo Mug. Its on me. Register at the website, and your guaranteed a FREE MUG. One Mug Per Address.

*Time Sensitive
Sign-Up between November 29, through December 15, 2008.
Hurry While Supplies Last

P.S. Please be aware that the delivery is via UPS (United Parcel Service) someone has to sign for the delivery.


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