I hope you read what a Virgo, really is and what she reprsents to the world, even though we are soo mis-understood, and are looked down upon because of our intelligence and analitical point of views.

Yes it's true we like perfection, we're picky and very critical, but in the long run we make the best friends, and will put our heart & soul into any relationship, because of our LOYALTY, whether its business or pleasure.

I don't have many friends, simply, because Im honest to a fault..most ppl say they want truth, but we all know ppl cant handle truth, so dont ask me a question, if you dont want me to be
Most friends I have discarded throught-out my life, wasn't worthy of my friendship, they didn't honor it, and I refuse to be done ANY way, but right.

I love ppl, but, soo many use the word friendship tooo loosley, and truly dont know what It means to be a REAL friend...I REFUSE to take JUST ANYBODY and put them in the catagory of a yes, it true we have high standards when it comes to letting just anybody in our life.. Virgos hate chaos, so I refuse to even let it in my house..we are ppl who like order, and most ppl like mess in their life...And we believe in a stree-free life..peirod.

This is why I started Virgo Vixens, so we can be one on one with what we're facing being who we are, for soo many ppl who try to bring mess in our we can talk about it..whether its at home or work..since we are always there for other ppl, here's our chance to be here for one other..

So all you VIRGO VIXENS RESPOND...cause I Know we have a lot to CRITICIZE..LOL..


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I agree totally, I thought it was just me.
Hey Niece, thanks for starting this group. I "found" it today. Even though I am bi-signed, mixed with Leo, I am still a Virgo. You explained me to a "T". Hopefully we all can connect with each other and build lasting, TRUE friendships through this group. My soul is yearning for TRUE sistahood!
Words so well written. I too don't have many friends. One two in my lifetime.
When I was younger I had a gang of friends, but now that I am older I have no close friends. I had to let the fake ones move on, I only want real and loyal people in my circle.
Wow...I am so happy to have come across this group!.I could not have said it all better myself..I don't have many friends either...mostly because I don't tolerate any mess and as with most Virgos I am far too honest for most..It is sooo comforting to know that i'm not the only Virgo with these issues.
Gurl we're glad you found us...Yea..thats why I started the group because i felt soo alone..and I knew somebody, somewhere understood me and what I was going through...females who hated me "Just because"..U dont know me..U just hate me for no reason..this mess I been dealing with we gonna tell all we can teach each other..and gurl compare to the group..
thanks for the welcome!...I have been dealing with that same mess since I was about 12...some even went as far as calling me bougie because i have such high standards...I refuse to settle for anything that beneath who i am..We Virgos get misunderstood all the time! Our high standard are misconstrued as "snobbish' sometimes. Its hard feeling alone when you are always surrounded by so many people who so don't get who you really are.
Honey..U can call it what you will..if they think Im snobbish..good, cause in the long run they wish they had our attitude.., our confidence, and when it all boils down to it..when they need an "honest" opinion..we the FIRST ppl they call...wanna talk about high standards..this drives my boyfriend CRAZY...When I think something is beneath me..I say "Im tooo cute for this"..its a joke ..but it makes him soo mad..I luv
I have to share this with y'all cause I can almost laugh about it now. I was dating this guy and my mom used to hang out with us A LOT and one day after I picked him up from work, we were on our way home, kids in tow and my mom, who is now 70, and was sixty-something then, "cut one" with the windows all the way rolled up. Ladies, let me tell you how upset I was just from her not having respect, (she could have rolled the window down or SOMETHING), but then she goes on to say..."oh I forgot, you too SOPHISTICATED to smell a fart." I almost lost it and my leg shook on the gas pedal all the way home. I was too outdone, too SOPHISTICATEDDDDDDDDDD, what in the world????? Right then and there, I realized how she really felt about me.
Wow!...It sad that you had to find out that your mother thought that of you in that manner...OMG...I would have been pissed too!...My family doesn't like to visit my home because they call me bougie and my mother calls me "Ms Goody Two Shoes" because i have EVERYONE take off their shoes at the door...I have very light carpets and I like for them to look good is all, but to them I'm bougie...It used to hurt my feelings, but now I just look at as flaws in them not me.
Yep, girl it was crazy. I still can't believe a person has to be TOO SOPHISTCATED to not want to smell someone else's body toxins!
We are Virgos -- need I say more...

My boyfriend was in Turkey for 2 years. when he came home to me -- and I mean to me -- I planned a very special evening for us. From baloons to candles. I even went to one of those sex stores -- you know the ones I mean -- with the gooodys. I brought some oils and a game. Now you know I had big plans for the week. lol

Anyway, when I walked in the door -- the guy behind the counter said "excuse me Ms. - Are you sure you are in the right place.

I looked him strenght in the eye and said -- you know honey -- their isn't anything in this shop that isn't advertised on TV.

He laughed so hard -- and told "And I thought you were Ms. Goody Two-Shoes" -- we became friends after that -- and everytime my boyfriend came home from oversea or I went over there -- I called to Toni -- and the two of us would put our heads together. lol Notice his name -- Toni -- nough said. LOL

God, I really like sharing that story -- I dated that guy for 8 years.

the first 2 years -- he was over seas -- we had big fun. then he retired from the service and moved to New Mexico and I was in Tucson. for 5 years, every 2 weeks -- we would travel back and forth 6 hours on the road to each others house.

Then, 3 years ago, I got tranfered to Alabama -- the first year I was here - he came down every month - then the gas went up, the road got longer and he got tired.

Needless to say -- we broke up 2 years ago, I haven't been with a steady friend since.

end of story -- but it's Saturday night and I'm at home watching TV instead of out dancing.

Oh well -- I'm sure something will happen -- when I least expect it.


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