I am Shonda Prescott, and I am an accountant working with small businesses. Because of my strong interest in small businesses, I also became the editor of a business magazine in the Charlotte, NC area to help increase the business knowledge of business owners.

Would you be interested in submitting an article for a business magazine that is based and distributed in Charlotte, NC? The articles in the CLB Magazine (Charlotte League of Businesses) are from business owners to other business owners. We each have our own strengths and can provide helpful information in our area of strengths to other business owners. To see previous issues, please visit the following website: . The article requirements are listed below:

The CLB Magazine is a quarterly magazine focusing on the needs of small business owners. We accept submissions from current business owners for articles although we don’t guarantee that all articles will be published. However, the likelihood of getting your article published is higher it meets the following standards:

(1) The article is in line with the theme of the current quarterly issue’s theme as revealed by the editor.

(2) The articles should be approximately 600 – 800 words including the “about the author” section at the end.

(3) The article should not directly promote a specific business; however, it can be focused on the business specialty area as appropriate given the magazine’s quarterly theme.

(4) At the end of the article, the author can list how readers should reach him/her (website, phone number, etc.) for further information.

(5) Please remember any citations when quoting from another source.

(6) A picture is optional. The picture should be a high resolution photo, which is 300 dpi or higher.

Please note these are the basic requirements. The editor reviews the article for content, grammar and spelling; however, that shouldn’t prevent the author from proofreading his/her own article.

The magazine is published quarterly, and as such it is available online on the first of the month of the quarter (i.e. January, April, July, and October). Following online publishing, the magazine is sent to the printer and hard copies are distributed. Authors may provide their mailing address to receive a copy from the CEO via mail once printed. Please subscribe to the magazine to remain on the mailing list.

I can be reached through this website or through my e-mail account: . Thank you.

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