Hi all bloggers? I Just started a blog about a couple of weeks ago on I have no idea what im doing. How do others view your blog is it all just a matter of promoting Your blog on different websites and hoping that someone takes a look? I've tried to search around blog spot to figure out how to view other blogs by catagory or name or anything. lol and i havent figured it out yet.
So im looking for new blogger friends. If you dont mind leaving your blog address in a comment ill check them all out!
Here's mine!

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It's been difficult for me to draw traffic to my blog. What I have done is put my blog url in my e-mail. So at the bottom of my e-mails, you have a link to my blog.
You could but your blog feed on your BBWO page too. When you add new posts it will show up on your page here. You could also join, read other posts, leave a comment along with your blog link, you could do a trackback (I haven't figured that out myself), you could join too. These are a few ways to promote your blog. You, of course should update regularly so the webcrawlers pick it up. Also, make sure you tag it with great keywords so when people search for a relevant phrase your blog comes up. I am working on doing all this myself for my blog, but these are the things I'm learning as I go. My blog is, feel free to stop by and leave a comment and I'll do the same for you ;-).

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I just started my own blog as well. It is just my views on different issues that effect me in my enviroment. It is
Im in the process of now just promoting the sight by putting my blogspot on different sites such as myspace, youtube, email. Basically everywhere people see me in cyberspace.
I will check out your blog.
That's pretty much what my blog is about, which is why I named it lol. It's about my rants, raves, product reviews, recipes (which I have not added just yet), and my day to day life as a Mommy who is trying to be practical and a diva at the same time. I'm trying to narrow it down little by little though. It's also great practice for me when I take the Writing section for the PRAXIS I and II exams.


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