Hi ladies,


I've been using for about a year and a half for my main blog. I've been thinking about either using or completely moving to Blogger. The reasons I want to change are:


  • I want to be able to have sponsors and advertisers
  • Have a better network/community
  • More choice in design


So, what do you use, and which do you find best?


Thanks in advance for your help!



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I definately recommend for all the same reasons you mentioned! You have more control over your site which is something you want to have! Hosting for wordpress sites is not expensive either so price really shouldn't be a factor when deciding between free or paid services. And Wordpress is really easy to use!

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Ladda Hawkins
Wordpress or SquareSpace.

Blogger is way behind in terms of functionality and design.

Wordpress is the best! I have not hosted on, but for all the reasons you listed above, you will definitely need to move your site.

I run a hosting company ( so I host my own sites, both standard websites along with my blog. I love the flexibility of Wordpress and the availability of plugins for functionality.
Wordpress is by far the best. Because of the flexibility and simple hosting options.
Wordpress has a very professional look and feel. Now with that being said, I still use
blogger to show some newbies how to customize if there not techie just to get them
a free platform up quickly. Hope this helps, Enjoy your day!


Thanks for all your replies & help ladies! I decided to go ahead and use Check it out if you want:

Thank you again!


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