This is a prayer for those of us who know in the quietness of our hearts or by the results we have seen that we have not handled our money properly. I encourage you to take a moment to receive God's change and everlasting love into your life. Remember, before you are a minister or business owner, you are your Father's child. If you can't go to your Father and tell Him you need help then the relationship itself needs repair. Know that your Dad is not angry with you. Remember God loves you and and wants the very best for you.

"Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth"
3John 1:2


I love you and I need you. I lift your name on high and I thank you for the opportunity to come before you and lay any and every issue financial or otherwise on your altar. I lift my finances up to you at this moment and I ask your forgiveness. I have not successfully managed my money and I admit that to you oh Lord. I know you forgive me Lord but help me to forgive myself. Help me to learn from my mistakes and move on. I am choosing today Lord to try again to succeed and honor you with my finances. Help me to be a faithful tither. Help me to be a cheerful giver. Teach me how to use money as the tool you intended it to be. Help me Lord not to be afraid of money or the power you gave me over it. As my Lord and Savior you have given me dominion to rule within my sphere of influence. Help me to be a wise ruler. Lord I pray that you would give me the confidence to share the wisdom you have allowed me to gain from the mistakes I've made. Don't let me keep it to myself. Use me to help others avoid the financial traps I have fallen into. Lord I ask that you would restore my finances and help me to change any bad financial habits I have picked up over the years. Thank you Lord for loving me and helping me walk step by step through this process. I praise you in advance for my breakthrough and my new beginning. I match my faith with your power and I expect change.

I pray all these things in the matchless name of Jesus Christ who lived, was crucified unto death, rose again with all power and now sits at the right hand of the Father making constant intercession for me and my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. It is in his mighty name I confidently pray,


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Thank you for this powerful prayer. It was something I needed to read at this exact moment in time. I am always amazed at how God speaks to us using many different avenues at the times we need to hear from him most. I particulaly loved the line when you said, "Lord help me to forgive myself." We know that God forgives us for our mistakes, yet we tend to hold onto our mistakes as a shield to block the blessings he has in store for us. Now we must place our mistakes and burdens in God's very capaable hands and aleave them there and live our lives as he wants us to.

Arlene I am so happy that this reached you at the right time. I pray that God would continue to bless and keep you as He helps you to forgive yourself and begin again. I have every confidence that you are 'more than a conqueror'.

Thanks Tanai:

I really needed this prayer its right on time, and it spoke to me. Be Blessed!
You be blessed as well Jewelry Queen! You are a survivor and now it is time to thrive!!!!!

I would like to thank you for that prayer because I'm going through a financial crisis but I'm standing on Gods word. He gave the confirmation from a young man at church who knew nothing about me, said I would be in business and I would have much money. It has not came to pass but I'm holding on. The one business I.m in has been a slow process. When the young man said this to me, I had this business at that time. I'm trying to hold on and not give up. Thanks again for that prayer.

Jackie I just want to encourage you to continue to stand on the word of God. Remember God always finishes what He starts so He will be with you through your financial turnaround. Take one day at a time and try your best to not carry today's worries into tommorrow.

Remain encouraged,

Thanks Tanai

This is something I really need to do in order to make a real difference.
Thank you for this prayer , I really need this prayer , and I have accepted this prayer by faith.
I stand in agreement with you Jammie for your financial breakthrough, May God continue to bless you!

Jammie said:
Thank you for this prayer , I really need this prayer , and I have accepted this prayer by faith.


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