I welcome your questions. If it's on your mind, it may be on the minds of others too. We are here to get answers.

Are you confused about budgeting?

Can't seem to start saving?

Ask for help. If I can, I will.........promise.

Please post your questions as a reply below and I will take it from there!

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You go girl!!!!
Good deal. Where should we post our questions?
Hey Paradise, Welcome to the group! You can post your questions right here in your reply to this discussion. I will edit that right now to make it more clear.
Where can a newbie to investing learn the basics and get started?
Thanks, Tanai.

What tips do you have for blended families with regard to managing money, budgeting, overall financial matters. I will be the "household manager", including managing the household budget. Not that I've not done it before, but there seems to be a different dynamic going on because there are two families coming together...
I am on the case Paradise. Thanks for the question!
Sorry, that did not come out right. Where can a newbie learn some basics about investing and how should they get started.
My fingers are typing for you too Arlice, I'll be posting a reply soon.
Cool :)
need to locate handbag vendors,wholesalers,distributors etc,,,,


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