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30 Day Budget Challenge

We’ve said it before. We’ll surely say it again. Operating, consistently, on a budget is the best way to find a raise without an extra job. When you give every penny a purpose, you take control; directing your cash flow rather than reacting to life’s circumstances.


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Free Personal Finance Course

Knowledge is power. Free knowledge is even more powerful. Coursera is a cool, collaborative effort between top universities, like Duke and Standford, to provide free classes online to anyone. Well, I spied with my little eye a 7-week personal finance course.


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Why Debt Free?

When I’m not blogging, I manage the other family business; a coin-operated laundromat. The work is less than fabulous, but I spend an enormous amount of time with people – that I love. A brief conversation with a long-time customer (and previous employee…long story) landed on home ownership. I shared how we are selling a rental condo and looking to pick up a few more soon. This young man is a hard worker, looking for a larger place for his family, and a renter. He’d never considered buying…


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Confessions of a Grocery Store Snob

We are mid way through our New Year New You contest and a tip for Day #10 hits close to home.

Day 10: Shop Discount Grocers

I’m a Debt Free Diva, but I will admit, I was a bit of a grocery store snob. I judged stores by location and perceptions about the clientele served. I’m not…


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A Raise in 21 Days

We're convinced it takes 21 days to build a habit. Effective money management is a learned skill. Have you missed any Tips of the Day in our new push to Give Yourself a Raise in 21 Days? No problem. A recap is the best way to catch up.

Day 2: Know where it goes.

Tracking is essential to preparing a proper plan: your budget. Little things add up. Take a week to write down everything you spend. Add it up. The…


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Simple Savings Strategies

A savings fund is your best defense against forces that seek to derail your debt free momentum. Yes! Forces intent on keeping you mired in money mishaps, floundering in financial fiascos, or let’s face it – deep in debt are real. Alliterative exercises aside, a savings fund is a must have. It’s just not always an easy must do.

Before tackling a debt repayment plan, set up a Mad Money Fund. This fund should contain at least $1000 (depending on your comfort level). Some balk at the low…


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