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Being locked is being free!

Hello everyone!

With each year that I have my locs, I wish I had gotten locked up sooner.  I would go on and on about them, but I'll keep it simple and do a list of why I love my locks.

1. I wake up and they are done.

2. I can shower and shampoo using the same bar soap (handmade all natural soap) and my hair is done.

3. If I want to I can roller set my hair.  Braids it and take it aloose and that's a new style.  Wear it in updos and so much more.

4. I don't…


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Get More Comments on Your Blog!

A few times I've read blogs about people not getting comments and how they feel nobody supports them. Or that AfroMyNaturalHairIsHotFireAndI'veBeenBloggingForManyYears has a clique and they comment on everything she posts. When I first saw these 'comment on my blog posts' I felt pity for the blogger. Then it sort of looks desperate, demanding, and ungrateful. So, I offer a little advice on blogging.

1. Don't start the blog just to get comments, become popular, or make money. If…


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