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"For Colored Girls"

I truly enjoyed Tyler Perry's new movie. Well, maybe an understatement; I loved the movie. Even though I sat in awe AND cried during most of the movie. I pledge to see it again and once it comes out on video (oops, that shows my age a bit), I will own it. Come visit my blog IAmSocialButterfly, to see what I had to say about the movie. I hope you would drop a comment over there as well.

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True Happiness

Many of us walk around pretending to be happy, we need to start walking in the direction of really being HAPPY with self. Please visit I Am Social Butterfly to read more about HAPPINESS.

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Ahhmazing to Renew

My Business Sisters and I are embarking on a business retreat to discuss our business next weekend. What this time away from home will do for me will be simply ahhmazing. I will renew myself, recharge, and have a greater since of direction at the end of my overnight stay is a nice hotel.

Today, the Spirit within guided me on one of my latest blog post. As a contributing blogger on Women of Color in…

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Women: Stick Together

I was having a conversation with Tee89 over at Fabby Girl, about women sticking together. I was never one to have many female friends growing up, but now as an

adult, I see the value in having female friends. It's just two sexes on

this planet. And, the males have dominated it, but last I heard, the

earth was called MOTHER EARTH. So, women, take heed in our power. Some

of us are fragile, weak-minded, strong, strong-willed when we are…


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He's Doing Great Things

I am having a great happy day!!

I've had a series of good and bad feelings/things happen to me within a 1 1/2 week span. The big picture: My husband has gone to Barbados for a…

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