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The gals and I of Beauty Chat have compiled all of our budget beauty tips for everyone to soak up! We love the idea of looking good and feeling good, while getting the biggest bang out of our buck. Do you enjoy the same?

If you have some budget beauty tips of your own, please do share with the world! If you comment with your tips RIGHT HERE, then you are… Continue

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My Interview on BlogTalkRadio! Thank You Barbara Howard.

In case you missed my Friday evening BlogTalkRadio interview a few weeks ago, you can catch up and take a listen. Just visit Diary of a Personal Shopper. The player is smack-dab on my homepage. Convenience and courtesy are my middle names...

Enjoy! Please provide me with feedback if you wish. The lovely Barbara Howard will be featuring me, the 'Good Girl Gone Shopping,'… Continue

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A "Prescription for Peace" Tee by Gold Saturn...Soooo CUTE!

Check out my tips on wearing this tee from morning to evening. Maybe now it's time to add some creativity to your wardrobe while making a statement. And what better statement, right?

Check out what designer David Jon Acosta had to say about this tee on Diary of a Personal… Continue

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USED Book Giveaways for My Vintage and Thrift-Store Lovin' Sistas

"I said that exclusive book reviews are coming, right? Well, here is my numero uno. While yes, you can see I have tons of books in the works. You're probably thinking, Why can't she just read one at a time like a normal person? Well two reasons: I'm not normal, and I like to skip around based on my mood and interest at that moment.

Soooooo, my recent fave is called The Joys of Much Too Much by Bonnie Fuller. I am… Continue

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The Gladiator Sandal - Yay or Nay?

I was recently asked to write for 'Fashion Chicago Magazine' about looks for under $100. So I decided to start with a trend that seems to be taking over the shoe-lovin' world. Are you into the heeled gladiator sandal?

Visit Diary of a Personal Shopper to get… Continue

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I Got Myself a New Handbag...FINALLY!

So what do you think? I couldn't resist this Kathy Van Zeeland black Rock n' Roll bag. What do YOU look for in a bag?

Visit Diary of a Personal Shopper to see my criteria before this affordable… Continue

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Kelly Laws - the Brain Behind 'Makeup on the Go' - Fills Void in Beauty Industry!

An excerpt from my newest blog post on Diary of a Personal Shopper:

"...I have met someone who also believes in providing personalized luxury on a budget. Everyone deserves A-list pampering here and there, and I'm proud to say that Kelly Laws, owner of 'Makeup on the Go' has your best interest in mind. After all, the motto of her company is: 'We travel to Make You Beautiful.'"

Check out… Continue

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Your Opinions about Plastic Surgery?

Visit Diary of a Personal Shopper to read more! I agree, she should have stopped after that first nose job...

Happy 4th!

~ Elana

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A Personal Shopper for Your EveryDay Fashion Frustrations!

(A what-do-I-wear moment 2 years ago. Yup, I get everyday frustrations as well!)

One of the biggest compliments that I continue to get from my clients is that I'm patient. That they are so happy they found someone who genuinely cares about their feelings, staying within their budget, and puts their needs first above all else. I typically reply with "That's why I'm the 'Good Girl Gone Shopping'." Really though, it's the least I can do… Continue

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Order Your Flat Iron or Hair Dryer in 2 Days with FREE Shipping!

"Talk about convenience!, a Philadelphia-based consumer-driven Web site featuring the newest innovations in the hair & beauty industry, offers 2-day FREE shipping on purchases $50 and over. That's an amazing deal, especially if you're like me and truly hate waiting on the products you crave.

I heart my pink CHI flat iron, as it is has been my must-have hair care tool for the last year..."…


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Free Your Mind and Simplify Your Space

Terry Carter, the magnifique CEO of Travertine Spa, is the newest voice to Diary of a Personal Shopper. He is my fabulous Wellness Editor!

After watching a recent episode of Tyra, where she featured an "organization expert," his life changed! No longer is Terry overwhelmed by a cluttered office and a stressful space. If we could all free our minds, there… Continue

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"My Fashion Headache" Question #1: Can a College Student Get Style on a Budget?

Thank you to Ashley-Nicole of Ash Magazine. She recently contacted me with her "fashion headache," asking a question that is all too familiar to me.

"I am thinking about getting a new look with the clothes that i have, since I'm a college student, I don't really have the money to do a "How do I look" makeover. In terms of clothes, I guess I want to know how to mix and match what I have and still look… Continue

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Get Your Own Convertible Handbag from!

"Check out the new product available on! Currently, there are several pieces in Beth Anderson's shop that contribute to her boutique's new, couture-inspired style, designed by lovely Divapreneur Elaine Biss.

I'm all about versatility of fashion -- I like knowing that I am (and my personal shopping clients are) getting the most out of their money...… Continue

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Donate Your Fashion Items to "Project Prom" for NYC Students

You know that bracelet you never wore, but still think it's prettier than ever? Or, what about the millions of heels you still have in their shoeboxes?

Now, you can put them to good use and donate them to an amazing new project. Visit Diary of a Personal Shopper for details!



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Trina Says Stay P.H.A.T. - "Pretty, Hot and Tempting"

“I'm tired of hearing that big women are not attractive. I feel like sterotypes think the norm is just a size 2, but we women come in all shapes and sizes.”

READ MORE of my shout-out to Trina of Big Girls Don't Cry. You gotta love her!



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