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Work for It!

Circle of Success 

Work for it.

Often, as we start to feel energized, happy, and successful, we start to get a little lazy, telling ourselves, “I’m feeling great! I guess I can stop eating well/exercising/meditating” And then things fall apart and the cycle begins again. Maintain the self-love practices that keep you whole and happy.

When people ask me how I got to be so happy, I say the same thing every time, “I work for it.…


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Basics for Marketing Your Home Business

Essentially, home business marketing is just like marketing for big businesses. In order for your business to be successful, you need to make money. For your business to make money, you need sales. To make or increase sales, you need to market your product or service effectively.

It's important to understand some basic marketing terms so you'll know how to go about finding customers and prospects and how to secure their business. Whether you personally perform all of your home…


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6 Essential Questions for Selecting Merchant Services

All small businesses require some form of payment processing. Understanding how to select merchant services can impact your sales revenue and profit. Learn the essential 6 questions of merchant services, and the hidden rules of the merchant account game.

1: What are merchant services?

Merchant services enable you to process credit card payments from your customers. It’s a special account tied to a credit card processor that works with your customer's bank to help route… Continue

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Taking Credit Card Payments Online is Easier Than You Think

Before the Internet came into the business world, the only way to process credit card payments was to establish a merchant account at a commercial bank. Today the Internet provides a business owner with a multitude of options in order to accept credit card payments online over the internet. Depending upon your monthly volume of online credit card transactions, fees and rates will vary. Before you start a relationship with any institution, make sure you understand the charges and fee structures.… Continue

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Test Your Advertising

Is that great advertising idea really going to be the one to increase your sales? Test your concept before pursuing that ad campaign for your business.

If you want to turn your ad strategy into sales, evaluate your idea from every possible angle. Is your campaign a fresh angle or a tired approach?

Many campaigns fizzle because they try to play on old ideas. Grab a potential customer's attention from a new perspective. You'll be putting your heart and soul into starting this… Continue

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Easy Incentives to Attract Customers

You've got a product listed at the same price as your competitor. So how's a customer going to decide which company to go with?

You need customers now but you've waited until the last minute to start an advertising campaign. How are you going to get customers at such a late date?

One word: perks.

Use these perks to help you turn a potential customer into a paying customer.

Free Shipping:

People love the convenience of shopping online. But they… Continue

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Business You Can Start for under $20

Whether you're starting a business on the side while still employed elsewhere, a student or homemaker looking for extra income, or unemployed and trying to figure out what to do, there are plenty of opportunities for you to start up a side business inexpensively. It's unlikely any of these will make you a living in the first few months, but they all have the potential to grow into full-time businesses. We'll take a look at 10 such opportunities and, most importantly, tell you what to do with…


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Direct Mail Order Ideas to Boost Your Response

A lot of direct mail pieces get thrown straight in the trash. Making yours stand out in the right way can help prevent that and improve your response rate. Here are ten proven ideas to boost your next direct mail campaign:

1. Simulate an old-style telegram. Direct mail veterans disdain this device, because it…


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6 Traits You Need to Move From Being an Employee to Being Self-Employed

More people are getting downsized, terminated or just plain fired all the time. And because of the state of the economy, finding another job can be difficult. Creating a job of your own by starting a business looks attractive when you can't find a job - or just can't stand the job you have.


But "How do I start a business?" is not the first question you should be asking if you're in this situation; the first question you should be asking is "Should I start a business?"…


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Are You Providing Good Customer Service? Rule of Eight.

Good customer service is the lifeblood of any business. You can offer promotions and slash prices to bring in as many new customers as you want, but unless you can get some of those customers to come back, your business won't be profitable for long.

Good customer service is all about bringing customers back. And about sending them away happy - happy enough to pass positive feedback about your business along to others, who may then try the product or service you offer for themselves… Continue

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Marketing Strategies For Wholesale Products

Before you begin investing any time and effort into marketing strategies for your wholesale product business, you need to think through your ideal target market. The last thing you want to do is pick an industry as a target market with a small target audience. And most people don't realize that there are several factors to consider when identifying their perfect target audience. Therefore, the six primary factors to consider are listed below. Once you’ve worked through each…


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Women's Networks: Ways to Network Your Business

Networking Can Help Grow Your Business Faster Than Any Other Form of Advertising

By Lahle Wolfe

Definition of Networking :

Lauren Neilson, in "8 Tips to Help You Become a Networking Guru!”1, defines networking as "...the bringing together of like minded individuals who, through relationship building, become walking, talking advertisements for one another."

Why Network?  

Networking is one the most…


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6 Lists of Free Resources for Business Women

By Lahle Wolfe

Here are lists of some of the best free services and resource for women entrepreneurs.

1. 3 Great Free "Learning" Resources for Women Entrepreneurs1

Even if you cannot afford the cost or time of continuing a formal formal education or are unable to attend live business seminars and lectures, there is no excuse for not taking advantage of free online lectures. Here are my three favorite sources for podcasts, lectures, and videos where women…


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Property Insurance - What is it?

Property insurance insures your business against loss or damage to the location of the business and to its contents. It will also insure against loss or damage to contents under your control. Finally, if your business rents or leases a location or travels to other physical locations, then your business will be required by the property owner to carry property insurance by the terms of the lease or contract.

The more kinds of loss the policy covers, the higher the premium. Property…


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How to Find a Business Mentor

Since women think like women and men think like men you may be better off finding a female mentor. Women also encounter a different set of problems in the work force than men do. For example, a female mentor may be better able to tell you how to crack a male-dominated industry or how to deal with gender discrimination issues.There are many women-helping-women organizations that have mentor programs but if you already know a professional who might serve as a good mentor approach the subject…


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Start-Up's Ad Strategy

Your ad strategy should begin before you even put the "Open" sign in your window. Getting ready for customers starts with the decision that you're going to open up your own business. Gear up now to reap the rewards of success for the life of your business.

Develop Your Message

Know what you want to tell customers about your business. Let's say you want to open up a furniture store.

Do you want to be known as the discount furniture store or the upscale…


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Death to the Business Plan

Small business CPA Michael Hanley says most entrepreneurs don't need one. "Many people are surprised to hear that, as a small business CPA, I am not a proponent of entrepreneurs creating business plans," Hanley notes. "I view business plans as the #1 barrier to starting a business; 95 percent of the time, once you start your business, you end up going in a completely different direction than you had originally…


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A Proverbs 31 Woman

Foundation Principle: Proverbs 31:25



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What's In a Name?

When you think of slogans, what comes to mind? What brand can you recite a slogan for immediately?

Take for example the following slogans that have made their way into the memory of thousands:

  • Just Do It - Nike
  • This Buds for You - Budweiser
  • Have it Your Way! - Burger King
  • We Bring Good Things to Light - GE
  • We'll Leave the Light on For Ya! - Motel 6
  • Zoom! Zoom! - Mazda

Use the six components below…


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How to Market Your Business on Facebook

We all used to think Facebook1 was for kids; I'm with you I used to think the same thing as well, but it's time to change our thinking. There are many companies using Facebook to market and seeing success in doing so.

Consider the following statistics provided by O’Reilly Media. Between September 2008 and February 2009...


  • The number of Facebook users…

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