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Planning a fashion show

Looking for designers, models, entertainment, sponsors, vendors, a host and hostess for a fashion show to be held Jan 11th 2014 in Detroit, MI location TBD. Contact me via email for info or visit

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What They Don't Teach You About Beauty School

Many of you will be going a different path than some of your peers and going to beauty school this fall and the world will soon have a new fleet of FAB new stylist ready to make the world beautiful. As with anything else there will be a whole lot of new suprises! Here's one bloggers journery through beauty school, and the things that she soon learned that no one had prepared her for.…


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Fashion With A Meaning

Fashion is an obsession that we are share. But even more than just being a fashion lover, I also am a sucker for a cause. I absolutely love a website designed by leading fashion designer Kenneth Cole.



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5 Bad Skin Habits

During the winter months skin care becomes a number one priority. The change in the weather combined with dry winter air causes drying and discoloration to the skin, which can ruin your complete look. Here are 5 habits that will cause even more damage to your skin. If you change these 5 bad skin habits with a combination of a daily skin regiment then you will be on the road to beautiful skin. For more information, you can visit… Continue

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Luxury on a

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A celebs right to privacy

When you decide to become a celebrity, in exchange for the glitz and glamour you kind of agree to share your public life with fans, bloggers, critics, and journalist. Every graceful and bashful moment. Every love interest and heartbreak. Your life is broadcast via twitter, blogs, and youtube. But is that fair? No, but it's reality.

In my personal opinion (which is the only one that matters) a celebrity diva (maybe with the initials M.C0 should be given the same amount of privacy during… Continue

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Your Park Place and Boardwalk-Luxury on a Limit

As the sun peaks behind the economy cloud, we still need to be aware of our spending habits when it comes to beauty products.

Here, we believe in luxury on a limit so we have compiled a couple of tips for you when purchasing beauty products.

Sample, sample, sample!!!

When I go to the mall, home parties, expos or anywhere else for that matter I always stock up on samples. Sometimes I have…

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Oh no they didn't!!!!!- A MZ. KNow It All Blog Excerpt

Welcome to my new blog column "Oh No They Didn't". I'll be using this post to discuss some of the most scandelous topics that I come across. I actually got the idea from the topic I actually am going to cover in this post.

I was at my job "kicking the shits" with a few of my co-workers. We were doing our usual, comparing interesting stories on the internet. We would always try to find a story that would get the biggest response, or should I say that they…


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Park Place and Boardwalk Deal of the Week!!!!

Buy at least $40.00 worth of Mary Kay's new fall line Metro Chic and receive a free clutch!!!!


Enter Mz. Know It All's contest!!!!! Win hundreds of dollars in freebies!!!! Every body wins! No purchase neccessary!

Visit to enter!!!!

Get your subscription to True Link Digital Magazine FREE by… Continue

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