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Surprising Recipes to Soothe Your Sweet Tooth a New Healthy Way

Mexican Breakfast of champions!


When we run businesses, raise families, target deadlines and aspire to achieve big goals, our…


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Alternative Activities for Sensory Challenged Kids - California Style

on the line

Being a woman in business is about more than reconciling your accounts and growing your business. Oftentimes, one of the primary motivators of a woman in business is her…


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The Coach Approach to Managing Your Social Media Lifestyle

When women like us decide to stay home and figure out just how to make a living from the Internet, we do so with the intention of being more available to our families and ourselves, right? 

You may have had the intention to pursue more of your hobbies, or perhaps you saw an opportunity…


Added by Akilah "Execumama" Richards on May 29, 2013 at 4:00pm — 1 Comment

From Potential to Profit: Business Coaching for Entrepreneurs

You went one step further than the average dreamer--you started a business. Congratulations! But when you are in the beginning stages of forming a business, it is very easy to get over-involved in the formation and forget about planning for the future. Yes, it is very important to make sure that your new business is running correctly, that everything is in its place, but you also must think about…


Added by Akilah "Execumama" Richards on May 24, 2013 at 6:45pm — 3 Comments

Payroll Experts: A Small Business Owner's Best Friend

Easy Money

Opening and running a business is a challenging endeavor, and this is especially true for the…


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The Perfect Mother's Day Staycation for Single Moms

If you are a single mom, it might be difficult to get away for an actual Mother's Day vacation. However, there's no reason you can't enjoy the weekend by planning a staycation in or near or your town. In fact, many single mothers prefer the staycation approach because it enables them to enjoy quality time alone and with their children without needing to pack their car full of toys and other necessary items. Are you a single mom…


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Recognizing Rock Bottom and Embracing Transition

“Your next level begins where your comfort level ends.”

Lisa Nicole Bell, Change Agent/The Inspiration Icon

Well that’s fantastic news, because not since months seven through nine of pregnancy have I been this uncomfortable! …


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The Rewarding Y.E.S. Campaign: Affirming your life through value

"Affirm your life, your goals and your dreams. When the world tries to tell you no, say yes."

If ever there was a word that would serve as an automatic attention-grabber for me, it's DISCOUNT! I love knowing that I'm getting value for my dollar (and time), and that I'm getting special treatment by way of a monetary deduction. When I do my calculations and confirm that I'm on the winning end of a deal, I say an… Continue

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