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Honoring Mom Doesn't End on Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is the day we celebrate the Heart and Soul of the family.  But how healthy is Mom’s Heart?  Heart disease impacts women more than any other disease.  That means Mom needs to make sure her heart stays healthy. 

Love Never Was the Issue- Episode Three: The Heart of the Matter is the story about Olivia Wilson and Sanders Wilson, a divorced couple who reunite after Olivia is stricken with a heart attack and Sanders volunteers to be her caregiver.  As the movie…


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February is Heart Health Month

There needs to be more awareness about Women's Heart Health.  That is why this movie was made.  Watch this movie with someone you love.…


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 A while back, I attended a college graduation ceremony and observed something that verified something I already knew; but hadn’t actually thought about. Seated in front of me was a young mother and next to her was her newborn baby. The infant couldn’t have been more than two weeks old as it sat in the plastic car carrier oblivious to the world. What I observed was this mother’s constant and deliberate…


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So did you see the Black women athletes from the U.S.A. “show up and show out” at the Rio Olympics?  These women were real examples of the greatness of this country.  Black women won gold medals in gymnastics, water polo, shot put, boxing, the 100m hurdles, 400m hurdles, 4x100 relay, 4x400 relay, and of course, basketball.

What was most impressive was how all of these women carried themselves with dignity and…


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Don't Forget the Achievers

In recent weeks we have seen the stories of the deadly confrontations between young Black men and law enforcement all over this country.  And in Baltimore we saw the anger and frustration of some of its residence manifest itself in the destruction of their own neighborhood.  I have heard some commentators opine that these actions are the result of institutional failures of government and business to address the systemic problems Blacks, and in particular, young Black males, face everyday in…


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Dr. King Holiday 2015

As we commemorate the 86th birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King it is a good time to reflect on where this nation called the United States of America has come from and where it is headed.  Many of those who began the fight for civil rights have transitioned away from this existence and never had the opportunity to taste the fruits of their labor.  Civil rights advocates, from the national leaders to the local community, began a fight years…


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Songs with "Lady" in the title

Sometimes it’s good to take a break from the everyday of business and have some fun.  See how many R&B songs you can come up with that have the word “Lady” in the title.  Here’s what I came up with.


“Golden Lady”- Stevie Wonder

“Lady”- The Whispers

“Three Times a Lady”- Lionel Ritchie

“Elusive Lady”- Pockets

“Lady Love”- Lou Rawls

“Fall in Love, Lady Love”- The Dramatics

“Foxy Lady”- Jimi Hendrix

“You Are My Lady”- Freddie…


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Ruby Dee

As we acknowledge the life of Ruby Dee, I encourage you to visit IMDB (Internet Movie Database) and review the career Ms Dee crafted.  You will find some favorite roles that she portrayed, and you will probably be surprised by some others that she played.

Some of the most memorable roles for me include mother to Flipper and Gator in “Jungle Fever”, and in Mother Sister in “Do the Right Thing”.  She played these roles effortlessly seeming not to be acting at all.  One of her earlier…


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Lessons- Dr. Maya Angelou

The passing of Dr. Maya Angelou has generated feelings of sadness for many.  The personal revelation that she is no longer physically among us will make some feel forlorn.  But, there also exists a joy, not in her death, but in her life.  There are those whose continued existence is bolstered by some inspiration she gave them.  When they were down and out, some word from Dr. Angelou lifted them; gave them strength; brought them joy.  So while sadness may be expected, the joy comes from…


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How Would Dr. King Want You to Celebrate the King Holiday?

Have you ever thought about how Dr. King would want you to celebrate the Dr. Martin Luther King Holiday?  Would he want you to attend services where choirs sing songs of inspiration?  Would he want you to participate in programs where 6th graders reenact the Dream Speech?  Would he want you to go to lectures given by other civil rights veterans?  Would he encourage you to enjoy lunch and dinner specials at your favorite restaurant, or take advantage of the deals provided by…


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Only One Nelson Mandela Will Pass This Way

As the world recognizes the passing of Nelson Mandela, the tributes narrate how this former South African president’s life changed the world.  Superlatives such as courageous, brave, passionate, compassionate, intelligent, and inspirational have all been used to describe Nelson Mandela’s life, but there was one statement that caught my attention.  One tribute suggested that “there will never be another Nelson Mandela”.  And that is true; there never will be because that is how the Creator…


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In the movie The Marriage Contract, a couple receiving premarital counseling is told that they should prepare for marriage as if they were starting a new business.  The goals, roles, rules, and expectations should to be clearly understood before the two parties sign on the dotted line.  This is not to discount the importance of love, affection, or romance; those things matter, but in reality, two people coming together in a marriage are actually starting a joint business…


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The argument about Christmas Spirit vs. Christmas Commercialism is not new.  Retailers have forever been seducing shoppers at Christmas time with all kinds of deals and specials.  Most often it was a sideshow that only temporarily distracted humans from the real Spirit of Christmas.  But today, it seems as though Christmas Commercialism, for many, is what Christmas is all about.

There is no doubt that the power of Christmas Spirit has long impacted the family of man.  Humans,…


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What Good Dads Do

Good dads change your diaper when it’s messy.

Good dads buy you a basketball or football even before you’re six months old.

Good dads pick you up from your first day of kindergarten.

Good dads take off of work to see your first-grade Thanksgiving play.

Good dads read your favorite story to you, even though you’ve heard it 77 times before.

Good dads coach your soccer team even if he doesn’t   like soccer.



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A while back I attended a college graduation ceremony and observed something that verified something I already knew, but hadn’t actually thought about.  Seated in front of me was a young mother and next to her was her newborn baby.  The infant couldn’t have been more than two weeks old as it sat in the plastic car carrier oblivious to the world.  What I observed was this mother’s constant and deliberate attention to this new person.  Every few seconds she would look inside the carrier to see…


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Black History Month 2013

Years from now History will recall that February, 2013 was the first Black History Month celebrated after the United States had re-elected its first Black president.  February, 2009 was also significant, but the re-election may hold more historical significance.


Black History Month is always an opportunity to reflect on what has been, and is the Black Experience in America.  It has been a turbulent existence; yet it is an existence rooted in resilience and…


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African-American Female Television Actors

What do Tamara Jones, Taraji P. Henson, Kerry Washington and Megan Good all have in common?  All are actors of African-American decent who currently star or co-star in network (ABC, CBS, NBC) television series.  And we’re talking about drama series, not sitcoms.  I don’t believe that’s ever happened in the history of television.


We know Hollywood has difficulty creating original, positive roles for minorities, and it is rare for there to be so many opportunities at the same…


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Choose to Vote

In its infancy, the lawmakers in the United States of America only granted the right to vote to a privileged few.  Males of European descent who had wealth were the only ones allowed to elect government representatives.  It took nearly two hundred years for the country to grow up and realize that a true democracy required that all of its citizens have the right to vote.  The Voting Rights Act of 1965 guarantees that right; that all people, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender or financial…


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Trust to Vote

When it comes to choosing those to represent us in government, I believe Trust is the most important characteristic of any candidate.  Beyond charisma, experience, knowledge, likability, or positions on issues, the people you send to Washington, the city council, the state legislature, or the school board, have to be people that you can trust. Trust trumps all other qualifications.

In order for a candidate to be considered trustworthy they must exhibit the following…


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