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Sacrifice or Martyrdom: Which side of the line do you fall?

Constantly, I watch a lot of people consistently take, take, take, and they never give anything back to anyone or anything. Yet, their life seems to be easy breezy and pretty much worry free. Then, there are those, who consistently feel like they are sacrificing due to circumstances that they can not avoid. At some point in time, I am sure many of us have had to make decisions to keep something or let it go in order to move onto the next level. However, some of us may be giving up more than we… Continue

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Vicarious Living: When You're Not Living At All

Once upon a time, I lived a vicarious life. I had always had my own hopes,

dreams, and activities, but I somehow got caught up in a new way of life.

You really can't see it coming until it has already overtaken you mentally.

My fiance' was involved in many different activities back in the day, and he

always let me take part without any objections. His life just seemed much

more exciting!! I became so caught up in what he was doing that it felt

like I , too, was… Continue

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Call to Action: Get Moving in Your Life

Have you ever dreamed up the best business or money-making idea, but it never seemed to get off the ground? I’m not speaking about the fact that it wasn’t a success. I am talking about if you never put your idea into action!! Or, you have a weightloss goal of 40 lbs in six months only to find that six months have passed with a gain of 20 lbs more? I’m guessing that is because you didn’t put your mind and body into action!! The dictionary’s first definition of action is listed… Continue

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