Literary Thought's Blog – July 2008 Archive (6)

Sin City

Mountain peaks reach the tip of the atmosphere

Sky lines of glory

Precious stones

Scorching summer breezes

Cool nights

Luminous lights

Constant chatter

Interchangeable space

There is more to Las Vegas…

I love this city but in all honesty she has done absolutely nothing for me and you know what; I never expected her to. I knew it was up to me, ya dig? It was by being here that I was pushed to… Continue

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What is it that you want?

You approached me and you acted as if you knew who I was

So that led me to assume that you must know who you are

But is it really safe for me to guess that?

Should I trust your word when my soul tells me different?

“Wow, now that’s a woman.” you said.

You said that like you saw what was within me.

You said that like you knew I was a Queen

But did you really look?

And if you did, what did you see?

Because if you actually saw what was inside of… Continue

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Suitable Cure

What will you do when the high no longer numbs you and it’s just you and your thoughts?

You say that you are strong and full of might but without that artificial fix, your mind just doesn’t feel right.

Your psyche tells you to do things that make you seem insane.

There are voices lingering in your head calling you by name.

What will you do when the substance doesn’t elevate you like it used to?

What will take place when that closet weakness… Continue

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Hey there young girl

Hey there young girl…

Let me holler at you for a second

I have noticed you walking down the block several times and the way you sway caused to me to think of these questions that I want to ask

It will only take a minute because I can see that you are moving pretty fast

Is your mother in your life?

And if so, what is she like?

Does she walk with her head up with her eyes on a particular sight?

Does she swear and curse… Continue

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I am...

I am…

I imagine, I dream, I create, and I participate.

I birth words of wisdom, fun, grief, and sometimes comedy

I can generate and initiate any emotion within any literate individual

I am an instigator, I am an actor, I am a producer and I am a director

I am all-knowing; I am aware of the beginning and the end

I am a visionary, I am an observer and I am a witness

I am the judge and I am the jury; I am the decider

The world cannot function and… Continue

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Donde esta mi Rey? (Where is my king?)

I was just wondering if you know where my king is…

I thought I ran into him some time ago but it turned out to be a fabrication of the Truth

I feel like I might have to give up because time is being deducted from my youth

Let me explain to you what he is like and you can tell me if you have seen him

He stands tall like a great redwood and he walks with a natural lean

His eyes are precious jewels; they sparkle with a glorious gleam

His skin is as smooth and… Continue

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