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[Video] Listen my sista, you matter. Time for some REAL talk.

....Branded-but Broke! 


Tending to your Self-Image so You Can Implement & Skyrocket Your Income…


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What Inspires You? (video)

Pursue Peace –that you may discover your Purpose. Allow your Purpose to become your Passion And your Passion will give you…


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Social Media Day a Big Success, get free ebook

The first-time Farmington Hills, Michigan Social Media and Online Video 101 Laptop Workshop held on June 30 in the Detroit area empowered and inspired Baby Boomers to get their Social Media Swagger on…
Pam Perry giving hands-on instruction at social media day event

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13 Ways to Build your Superstar Platform

Every speaker and author is told they must have a    “PLATFORM.”

What exactly does that mean????…


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Superstar Bootcamp: Building Your Brand and Platform

ANNOUNCING: a special "bootcamp"

webinar training for new or emerging

thought leaders...

If you want to get out there,

... you've got two basic…


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Why we need Girlfriends, and need to Getaway with them too!

I know a lot of people who sometimes just “drop out” of sight.   I believe it’s a sign of the times. Too much pressure. Too many expectations.  Too much stuff going on.  The only way people seem to handle the stress, strife and struggles of life is to hide.  


I guess that’s normal. If you knew a storm was coming, you’d hide.  If…


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Make these book marketing mistakes? #launch

HOW Come I Can't Sell More Books, Or Make Money Online....Or Get Folks to Follow me on Twitter...Or plan a Launch?

See This NEW Training video,

... reveals 5 avoidable mistakes almost everyone makes when it comes to…

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LaShanda Henry - The Brain Child of BBWO - Interview

Meet Lashanda & Pam Perry at doing a session on how to monetize your blog...... in DC. 


Listen to internet radio with Diverse Business on Blog Talk…

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Why You May Not Be Ready for the “Big Time” Publicity You Think You Deserve


As a publicist (and producer) with 20 years experience, I know when someone is ready for the “big time” and when they are not.


The major media “gatekeepers” are very particular. They can spot an amateur in a split second (and you only get one chance to pitch).


Surprisingly though, most people (especially authors) think they are ready for Jay Leno, Steve Harvey, CNN, USA Today, Good Morning America, Fox…


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This is too Funny. I got a this Facebook Status Update! OMG!!! What in the world!

Pam Perry:

#socialmediaswag on Twitter


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Got Swag? 7 Steps to Social Media SWAG by Pam Perry



You’ve heard the term swag lately. Someone may say, “I like your swag” or “He’s got swag!” And although you may not find this popular term in Merriam-Webster’s version…


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Want to be on National TV? Here's some help!

If so, register for a free telephone seminar this

coming Thursday, February 10th on "The Three Big Secrets

for Getting Booked As a Guest on Top National TV Shows"

hosted by Steve Harrison of Radio-TV Interview Report



In addition to Steve, you'll hear from a former Oprah

guest booker and other veteran TV producers.… Continue

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Writers Conferences for Christian Writers/Authors/Speakers

Writer's Workshops  


 Saturday, April 16, 2011…

anointed pen front 2011


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It’s your world. Blog like it!

Are you blogophobic? Are you one of those people that “don’t get it” when it comes to blogging, social media and the constant internet chatter?…


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FREE Instant Media Kit with PR Boot Camp with Pam Perry

Wow, the response to the teleseminar:

How To Instantly Brand Yourself As An Expert: Simple Strategies For Standing Out In A Crowded Digital Age

was incredible!

I'm still amazed at the comments that are still coming in! Folks were

locked, stocked and loaded - and listening to the great content Liora

delivered about her

"Instant Media Kit."

Golden nuggets were extracted and folks walked away with information on the brand new tool

that the "big… Continue

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Got PR?

Do you want to be famous, get recognized as an expert or

become a household brand name?

Do you want to learn the secrets to getting featured on the…


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How to Seek Guidance & Support For Your Publishing Career - Learn How to Be an Online Protege

Does your career in this publishing biz stump you sometimes? So much information and not sure what to do next? Need some help?

Suppose you could sit down with the most successful people in your field and just talk with them to learn what they know.

Well, here is the deal. YOU can learn what they know - and you can…


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