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5 Reasons to File Your Business Tax Return This Year

Over the years, I have had the privilege of consulting many first time business owners. One of the most common concerns that comes up is the fear of owing taxes on the money they earn. So many cash based business owners avoid taxes altogether. If you're considering ignoring taxes this year, here are five reasons to file a return for your…


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Financial Tips for December 2010

Make Charitable Contributions

Consider making charitable contributions before year-end both to obtain the maximum tax deduction and to fulfill any charitable programs or commitments you may have established.

Buy a New Car

If you need a new car, now is a great time to purchase or lease. Frequently, dealers are anxious to clear out last year's inventory prior to year-end. In making your choice, consider the federal tax (and occasional state tax)…


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Staying Organized at Work - Important For Managing Time and Being Productive

Want to be more inspired in your work day? The answer could be that you need to improve in the area of discipline. Managing your time well is something that you get better at the more you apply practical discipline in this area. One useful way to be more in control of your day is to literally buy yourself more time.…


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How Visionaries Create Business Goals and Objectives and Get Moving With Lightening Speed

Ever wondered how you can be in a mastermind group and watch your team members have an aha moment about a project one day then it is up and running the next? Well, it is exciting to be in the midst of women in business who are bursting with new ideas and creativity. There's lots of good energy around them and they allow nothing to get in their way. But creativity alone is not what keeps visionaries from getting stuck in dreamland. When you have an idea that you want to implement,…


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So You Want to Be Rich: Are You Ready For What Goes on Behind the Scenes?

Having a home based business can be fun but it takes a lot of work to get a company off the ground. People often see the glitz and glamour of work-at-home business owners but do not often see what goes on behind the scenes. What follows are some of the pros and cons of living and working in the same place.

#1: Be Your Own Boss

Owning a home-based business is quite an exciting time in the life of an entrepreneur. For those who are serious about…


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Practical Tips for Managing Money for Business Women - Business Budgeting and Planning

There are a host of activities involved in running a small business. And being every woman leaves you with a full schedule with lots of attention to detail and decision-making. It's no surprise that part of being a business owner involves being in control over business finances. Ensuring that there is ample cash and knowing how to manage money is a skill that you will need to develop. Let's look at three components that will help you prepare a more accurate business budget: budgeting,…


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Business Documents Every Woman Business Owner Should Have and Why They Are Important

There are several different types of business documents that you may need as a business owner. Let's take a look at the most common business documents that are typical in most companies.

Assumed Name

There are many documents that are used by businesses today. If you are serious about your company and want to go from hobby to a full fledged business owner then the first step you will want to do is claim your name. The simplest way to get started is by…


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Entrepreneurial Success = Learning All You Can

As a woman business owner it is important to learn all you can about being successful in business. If you're like most other entrepreneurs who want to stay in the know you probably follow thought leaders and gurus. But did you know that another great place to find success tips is by to simply pay attention to what you see in everyday life? Here's a few insights that I gleaned by observing the way an ant goes about its day.…


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What Every Woman Should Know About Golf and Building a Business

It takes time and diligence to carry out a successful business strategy. So unless your revenues are growing consistently and cash is flowing well then now may not be the time to take those golf lessons you dream about. Read further to decide if you should pack up your nine iron and head for the office instead of the green.…


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3 Steps to Finding the Right Business Investment

To hear Benita Tyler read this article, click on the arrow. Listen!…


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Top 7 Ways Work-At-Home-Moms Stay Sane and Profitable During Summer

Running a company when you have children at home is more of an art than a science and it calls for a different approach from the norm. So if you feel that you are swimming against the flow in your day, here are a few tips for work-at-home moms to stay productive and profitable during summer breaks (or anytime).…


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Let’s Go Sailing: Practical Observations for Getting Back on Course in Business

If you have been in business for a while you are likely to run into periods of burnout. You will recognize it when you see it because it is where creativity takes a nose dive and your get up and go seems to leave without letting you know. I have worked with lots of women business owners and there is a common thread that weaves many of them together. Here are a few quick observations…


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Roadblocks in Your Way? Here's 3 Easy Steps to Get Your Business Moving Again.

One of the best ways that I have learned to overcome obstacles is to face each challenge head on. What I mean by that is not running away from or becoming overwhelmed by issues that seem bigger than life. I realize that many work at home mothers are handling a lot of the day-to-day details of holding up the household and juggling business tasks at the same time.… Continue

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3 Steps to Balancing Time With Kids and Business Over Summer Break

For many business women with children summer represents opportunities to unwind and spend more time being mom. And with so many exciting summertime events it is easy to fill your calendar with activities that pull you in many directions. The good news is there is a way for mompreneurs to keep stress to a minimum and run a smooth business in the coming weeks.

One way is to find a healthy pace in your daily routine. As summer outings…


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How a 6 Year Old Used Legos to Teach Me About Business

Every idea starts in the mind. With your imagination you can see what you want to create. You may not always start with all the tools you need to complete your project but you have just enough to get started. Even if you begin with your creativity which is the thoughts that you have combined with the skills that you were born with, you have a great starting place to launch your next idea. What…


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Tips for Creating Your Dynamic Team of Advisors

Two questions that I get asked frequently by new entrepreneurs are “What is an advisory team?” and “Who advises you?” The topics usually come up in the course of business planning sessions where I ask entrepreneurs to list individuals that they would like to have on their dream team. This is an important part of any business plan and…


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Time Tested Truths That Will Grow Any Business in Any Economy

If you are in business then you probably subscribe to newsletters or some other resources to help you make more money in business. Recently, I started thinking about how the wealth of free information helps business owners today and how it can impact attitudes toward business growth. Two thoughts for making the best use of free information are:

1. Good Stewardship. A great deal of the work that I do involves creating accounting systems for ministries. In the process, we find… Continue

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5 Ways to Make Money While on Vacation

Wouldn’t it be great to turn your fun trips into tax cuts? If you plan to take any trips this summer, here are some ideas that will help you get the most out of your travel budget.

1. Make all your business appointments before you leave for your…


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How to Easily Find Hidden Growth in Your Small Business

A client recently contacted me to discuss the problems they were having in growing their



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Girl-Preneurs and the Moms They Model

My daughter is eleven years old and was recently intrigued by the idea of entrepreneurship after watching Kimora Lee Simmons' on Life in the Fab Lane. We have been talking about starting an online business over the past few days and why my daughter wanted to start her…


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