Over the last month we have talk about vag mythes, being celibate, and making a realistic on what you want in a man and looking over what your last few men had and didnt have, but now we are going to talk about when these men want in bed. Lets be real ladies we all need to stop trippin and sometimes take control of the situation and stop just going with the damn flow. I mean really how would you feel if he just went with the flow all the times dont no one want a one noted sex life. So according to this is the top 5 things men want and ladies i suggest you take notes and get to it:

1. More Oral Sex Please

Apparently, a lot of men feel that we are not sucking enough penis. Who knew? (rolling my eyes) With that being said, if you are in a relationship with your honey give him some mind blowing head. Don’t wait till he asks for it, just simply take his hand and drop into position. You may even want to watch a couple of pornos and practice up on your skills. Is this one really a surprise ladies? Men always want more oral sex. No breakthroughs here.

2. Don’t Fear The Sperm

I was once guilty of this as well. Something about man ooze that used to gross me the hell out. The way it looked, tasted, smelled. I did not want it near my face, my body at all. In fact, I would rush to wash it off of whatever part of my body it landed on when the dead was done. Lucky for my current boyfriend, I got over it. Men like when you show no fear of their man love. They get a kick out your willingness to allow them to cum on your face etc.. My motto is you can get it anywhere just not in my hair. I’m just sayin….

3. Be More Active

Another complaint a lot of men have is that women are too submissive and lazy in bed. The whole, I’m trying to act like I don’t want it even though I know I do routine is played out to them. They want us to get on top and are sick of the missionary position. If you prefer the missionary position then find another way to be a more active during the sex. Try to move in motion with him. The benefit to this is that it might bring you some extra stimulation as well. Ain’t nothing wrong with that. The point is that sex is a two person (minimum) activity and they want to have sex with their woman not a bean bag.

4. Initiate The Sex

Men also dig when we initiate the sex. This is why sometimes I will just push my boyfreind in a corner and take the s**t from him. Needless to say, he like my aggressiveness. Men want to feel wanted just like we do. Wouldn’t you think something was up if your man NEVER asked for sex or even tried to get in your panties? Sure you would. Also, despite how annoying it may be to us sometimes, we like when they try to put their bid in. It makes us feel like they are still attracted to us and crave our attention. He wants to feel the same way. So get on it chick… Literally.

5. Do Some Freaky Shit

Every once in a while you have to remind your man (notice I said YOUR MAN. Please don’t go porno style for some loser who you are not in a relationship with expecting this to be the ticket to get him to take you seriously or lock you down. You might be sadly disappointed) of the treasure he has in you and there is no place better he needs to be. In summation, do some freaky shit. This needs to be some real penis pleasing, orgasm splashing, s**t. It needs to be so awesome that it is almost considered a treat but it is more like a reminder. A reminder that yes, you are still a freak and still his freak.

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Comment by Andrea McGhee on January 22, 2011 at 10:07pm
Great Article!
Comment by NayBesa on April 28, 2010 at 1:43pm
lmfao yea girl the men need love too
Comment by AMBAM on April 28, 2010 at 1:04am
Very good information for a girl like me. I've been in a relationship for almost 4 years and until I reading this blog I forgot about getting freaky. Great reminder I have to keep it up.


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