5 Things Your Customer/Clients Want From You

One of the first aspects of business that we as entrepreneurs and business owners learn is that it's easier and cheaper to keep existing customers and clients that it is to get new ones. A lot of time can go into getting leads and landing a sale. However, marketing is only one component of your business strategy.

Excellent customer service should be a top priority in any business, regardless of its size. It's easy to get caught up in the cycle of trying to attract new business that you neglect customer retention, especially in the early stages. But, if you expect your business to grow and thrive, it is essential that you evaluate whether you're providing the best over-all customer service.

Below are five things your customers and clients want and how you can deliver good customer service:

1. They want to know that your product or service will enhance their life--that is, can you solve their specific problem? Be straight-forward and confident in letting them know what you can do for them. Be up front in stating how your products and services make the lives of your customers better so they can make a decision.

2. They don't want to go through a bunch of changes in order to do business with you. Make it easy for your customers and clients to understand your prices, policies, and procedures. Avoid using complicated jargon and "un-user" friendly order systems and applications.

3. They want to feel that you are right for them. Be genuine so that people will know what they are getting when they do business with you. Perhaps you're a firm, no-holds barred CPA; a humorous, high-energy event planner or a naturally conservative realtor. Showing people the real YOU makes it easier for them to decide if you're the right fit for them.

4. They don't want a pushy sales pitch. We all like freebies and taking a test drive before making a final decision on a purchase. Ease skepticism by offering freebies and samples in the form of demos, trial periods, complimentary service or a money-back guarantee.

5. They want to purchase your products and services and trust that they can be easily accommodated. Make it convenient and easy for your customers and clients to pay you, and extend to them an open line of communication, easy exchange and support.

Understanding what your customers and clients want is vital to boosting your revenue and maintaining a loyal customer base. If you give them a pleasant, reliable and value-added experience they will patronize you for the long-term and hopefully become evangelists for your business.

Rebecca McClain

Certified Executive/Business Coach

Visit my website at for a FREE Entrepreneur's Advantage Kit


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