Did I meet my challenge of seeing Philly on $10 per day?

The last event I attended while I was in Philadelphia was the Odunde Festival, one of the largest community- based street festivals held in the country. Odunde is a celebration, which comes from the Yoruba tradition, and celebrates the coming of the New Year. It was hot, both temperature wise and culturally. I recognized several traditional dances, which were celebratory and reflective.
Now, did I meet my challenge to see Philly on $10 per day? Well…
I was in Philly for 13 days and I spent $25 on public transportation. Now, I cheated a little because I used my sister’s trail pass for 2 days, which allowed unlimited travel throughout the city and the ‘burbs. However, I could have purchased my own weekly pass for $20.75.
Entrance fees to museums were $17; however, if I had gone to the Philadelphia Museum on Sunday, it would have been a love donation. I spent $106.27 on food, however, $54.60 of that was for travel prepared cheese steaks and tastykakes from Superfresh (they were on sale for $1.89 per family pack with a member card, Sharon’s). My daughters texted or called me everyday to remind me to bring them! I spent another $10 on donations. So, if I looked at my daily cost over 13 days, my average cost per day is $12.40 per day, still not bad!
If I delete the food that I brought home for my family then my average cost per day was $7.84. Of course, it would be hard for someone who did not know a city, or who was not public transportation savvy to be able to do as I did. I had free lodging and was taken to dinner several times and I walked a lot, partly to prove that I could walk! Walking helped my perspective and allowed me to see this beautiful city. I can help you see such a city on a budget.

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