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I was wondering if the members of African Americans on the move Book Club wanted to create a not-for-profit publishing company that publishes Anthologies for the member poets and authors. This anthology could be used to promote the talented Authors/Poets and the AAMBC "brand"
An anthology is simply a collection of stories by different writers. Similar to a "mix tape" for rappers. The anthology could be created using a theme and all contributors add their piece following the theme, such as "Inspirational, Suspense, Romance, and so forth" This way, the anthology will be focused and highlight the broad range of writing styles of the contributors. We are also looking to have a variety of themes to help expand the brand of readers.

What’s in it for the contributors?


1. Exposure: In the anthology each contributor will have a bio with contact information along with how to order any of their other individual works.

2. Collective Promoting: The contributors will be collectively promoting the work of the anthology which in turns indirectly promotes the individual work of the Author. A win-win.

What’s in it for AAMBC


Since this will be a non-profit, the proceeds from the sales of the anthology could be used as a fundraiser for the book club and its projects. This includes funding for book signings, meetings, donations, and a scholarship.

How this can be accomplished:

AAMBC will start its own non-profit publishing company with the sole purpose of publishing the anthologies. The only problem with that is that all contributors will need to help finance the entire project to truly make this an AAMBC self-published endeavor.

Potential costs included are


ISBN numbers for the publishing company purchased by Bowker A block of 10 numbers minimum are required by Bowker for purchase. Cost $300.
Then the cost of editing/proofreading, Book Cover creation, printing and promotions is factored in. However, the cost of editing/proofreading can be eliminated if there are volunteers who would like to become involved in this task. If you are an author interested in this project contact us as soon as you have finished reading this. We will open the doors to the first people who contacted us. We will then read over the work.

You can simply email us at

Send your writings to our San Antonio, Chapter Office

African Americans on the Move Book Club. Anthology

2210 Blake rd

San Antonio, TX 78236

AAMBC AnthologiesAAMBC is in the process of creating its first anthology. An Anthology is a collection of writings from several writers put into one book. This is not only for published authors. You can be a writer looking for some experience in the literary world. So yes we accept all writers. This project is to be financed by all the authors looking to be published in the anthology. It will not be an expensive project at all. We are looking for editors, and proofreaders who want to devote their time to read the anthology. If you are a graphic designer and can develop a book cover for the anthology, let us know. We will promote your name on the book, opening more doors for you to get more clients.

When it comes to promotion, this task should be very easy. Not only will the published writers and AAMBC promote the book, the fellow members and readers of AAMBC will also spread the word. It’s a win win situation for all authors looking to get exposed more.

In the Book after your short story will be a short bio of you and a way to contact you and purchase your individual novels. If you are unpublished you can list your bio and contact info allowing other publishers to see your work.

Look forward to hear your ideas and reading your submissions.

What to submit:

10-15 page story of any genre, the anthology will be a variety.

A cover letter with a biography , contact information, and a summary of the story if its not poetry. Also the listed genre.

It needs to be already edited this will help in the process and make this an affordable project. Also have friends and family proofread it.

Send me your phone number, address, and email as well.

Submit a donated amount of $120 for the project.

We will need a hard copy and a electronic copy. Email the electronic copies to , Subject Anthology submission. This will need to have your name and contact info as well.

Also along with your information, put in a suggestion for the anthology name so far it will be called, A Reflection of me, AAMBC Anthologies. Lets see if we can get the best name.

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Comment by Trisha Martin on July 6, 2008 at 5:01pm
Hey Tamika, right now I'm not in a position to donate funds, but would love to be a volunteer for additional editing and proofreading. Visit me over at and you can get a better handle of who I am and what I do. Thanks for starting this up, I'd love to be a part of it.

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