I was just wondering if you know where my king is…
I thought I ran into him some time ago but it turned out to be a fabrication of the Truth
I feel like I might have to give up because time is being deducted from my youth
Let me explain to you what he is like and you can tell me if you have seen him

He stands tall like a great redwood and he walks with a natural lean
His eyes are precious jewels; they sparkle with a glorious gleam
His skin is as smooth and soft as Egyptian silk
His aroma graces you with the scent of honey and milk
His tone quiets the atmosphere with verbal pheromones
He defines the word Man…from head to toe
When he speaks, the wind listens and blows
His words embrace me sweetly as he whispers in my ear
His pigment lets you know that the Sun has been near

His spirit is highly elevated
His intelligence runs abyssal deep
His experience surpasses many

He carries DNA from ancestral kinsmen
He is a superior king
He is a courageous warrior
He is a hunter
Without him survival would end

I love the skin he is in
I miss his gentle touch
If only he were here
I would keep him close to me
I must have him within my reach because without him, I cannot be

Copyright 2008
Literary Thought

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