Oh wee, my first blog post! I'm so happy to join this blog and meet other black women who are doing things for themselves as Entrepenuers. I too, will become an Entrepeneur and will no longer work the dreaded 9-5 job (in my case, it's 8:30-5) Today is Sunday night and I am dreading tomorrow. Tomorrow starts off a new work week. I guess I should be more grateful though - I am getting money to help pay off my bills. But still, the one thing that keeps me going while I'm at my job is knowing that I won't be there forever. Atleast I'm only going in for 3 days only this week, I'm going back home to NYC (the bronx) on Thursday. I have so many ideas in my mind about what I want to do for my business. I want to start selling things on e-bay and see how that goes. I also want to get into online marketing and adsense. I want to start building websites and help others build websites...soooo many ideas! I just ordered my new computer from Dell and I can't wait to get it! I really needed a new computer. I don't want a new computer, but I need one. I feel like I can't really start doing things though until I pay off my debt. I have student loan debt and credit card debt. I'm more focused on the credit card debt though, because that's something that I can easily wipe out within the upcoming several months. Student loan debt, however, is something that is going to stay with me for the next 15-20yrs. But I know I'll bring in enough income that I won't have to worry about my student loan debt (hehe).

One website I'm going to try out is

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