My hope and prayer for you today is that all is well for you and your family. That you are being productive as you move forward in your endeavors of success.

I am writing to you all to ask for your help and support. There is a young lady that I have connected with name Lisa. She is a victim of the disease Lupus. She had reached out to me months ago and we finally connected about 2.5 months ago. I have set out to support her through The Black Business Cafe and would now like to ask your help in support of this cause also. Her quest is this.
-To assist in raising funds for research for a cure for Lupus
-To get the word out about Lupus, because so many are in the blind about the disease. She wants to make it to Oprah to be able to speak out about it. We know the impact that Oprah could have.

This disease affects the immune system and for most of Lisa's days she is down, suffering from it. She have to take off work and so on. She is by herself, so most times she has to do everything for herself. She is not asking for money or anything for herself, she is just asking for as many as would or could to support by donating to the Lupus Research...1.00 could make a difference, so you don't have to feel like you can not help, because you don't have hundreds of dollars to give.
The BBC has pledged 2000.00 towards this effort and all the information can be seen on the website.

We are asking for your support in these ways.
1. Donations
2. Walking in the ALR Walk that is coming up in November
3. Support the tele-conference calls that Lisa will be doing for us to bring about awareness of this diesease.

That is it.

Please let me hear your thoughts and feelings about this and also let me know if I can count you in.

The walk do not cost anything...of course we would like to raise some funds in support of finding a cure for this. If you read about this disease you will find that you could very well end up with it or may possibly already have it and don't know it.

I will be scheduling a Lupus Awareness Conference call within the next week. If you would like to wait to hear from Lisa yourself before making a decision, I understand and that will be fine...either way, email me and let me know your stand, your thoughts, feelings and any ideas.

If you would like to make a donation, please visit the site and make it online:

Team Lisa-Giving the Boot to the Lupe.”

Hope you will join the team and I look forward to hearing from you all soon. Don't forget, Email me.

The Grand Connector "Anointed to Make The CONNECTION"

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