Do's and don'ts of Marketing Materials- Impress your clients!

Written by Jublee Jones; Jubilee is a Graphic Designer and Project Coordinator for Allure Design Graphics.
In today's world image means alot. The way we present ourselves to potential clients and contacts can make or break our businesses. To many times I have seen great businesses suffer sales because of poorly designed and printed advertisements and products. Here are some tips to make sure your ads are attracting and not repulsing.

1. Don't design your materials yourself- Unless you are a professional Graphic Designer, leave it to the experts. I have seen too many business cards with blurry or distorted graphics and text, ragged edges (Avery's clean edge cards still have ragged edges!), and printed on copy paper or cheap card stock in water based inks that will smear when wet! Many non- designers know what they want but are not sure how to properly create it. Lot's of factors come into play: Licenses to use artwork, sizing, resolution, color matching, print quality, paper quality, ink quality, and design techniques are just a few things to worry about. It would be awful to use clipart from your favorite program only later to be sued by the company for using it in your ads or logo with out permission! Or to give a contact your card that is hard to read because of poor design or it got wet.

2. Don't print yourself!- With all the new gadgets, periphials, and programs it can be pretty tempting to print your own business cards and flyers. It's cheaper right? Wrong! Store bought ink and paper is significantly higher than getting your project printed with a printing company. Why? Volume. Printing companies buy materials in bulk which means lower costs per print. With store bought ink and paper for your home printer, you pay for alot: brand, packaging, shipping, the special cartrigages with computer chips. etc. Offset printing is cheaper per print and higher in quality!

3. Employ a Designer who uses offset printing- Great designers don't mean great printing quality. Some Graphic Designers don't print at all, they just design your materials and leave you to find your own printing company. What's bad about that? Most printing companies will only print for established designers and businesses which will leave you to print your fabulously designed business cards on your home printer. A Big No No!

4. Invest in your image- Some companies offer "free" business cards and post cards to draw you in. Unknowingly consumers are charged hidden fees and other charges to compensate for the loss. These companies often print thier ads on the back of YOUR cards and flood your inbox with spam to get you to buy more. You also get the lowest quality inks and paper available and overused templates, further cheapening the image of your brand. Invest the money it takes to compete with the competition! Professional quality designing and printing of your marketing materials is a must if you want your products and services to be taken seriously. You will actually lose money by trying to save money on your ads!

Thank you for reading. I hope this helped you!

Jubilee Jones

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