The Fearless Five: Super Hero Comic - African American Children's Book

For years I have been following and listing three things: African American Comics, Black Super Heroes, and multicultural books for African American Children. New to me and recently added to our featured Blacks Books rotation is the Fearless Five, a child super hero concept based on a team of young, black children spending their free time using their imaginations in creative play. The first product to come out of this concept is a five-book series, targeted for pre-K to 3rd grade children. The book series offers up world-class artwork and exciting storylines coupled with positive themes around teamwork, determination, self-esteem, caring for others and caring for the environment.

Each book has a dedicated topic such as: using imagination and self-esteem (episode 1), dealing with ‘strangers’ (episode 2), conserving natural resources such as water (episode 3), being energy conscious (episode 4) and handling bullying situations (episode 5). In each episode, the team must overcome the initial self-defeating views they have of their potential while battling an imagined team of villains, the Swarm, constantly challenging them. In the end, they come to discover their true potential, which sets them on a path to success. The ultimate goal of the Fearless Five concept is to support parents, teachers and loved-ones of pre-K to 3rd graders in raising up the next generation of confident, caring, and conscious global citizens.

My son just started preK this year, so purchased the Fearless Five for him and I am looking forward to getting the issues so we can read them together! The official website:

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