How do we truly feel about ourselves?

I love this website because there are so many beautiful black women Handlin their bizness in their own way. The many tones and colors we come in. Its fascinating to me. God truly did a good thing when he made the black woman. Do we truly realize how important we really are to ourselves and to others. Our strong essence of being is just one of the great qualities He gifted us with. That's why its so important that we feel good about ourselves no matter what. We need to know that we make a difference in other lives besides our own. In our businesses and our jobs. Beliveve it or not, we do impact lives on a daily basis. Because I'm a talker a teacher and a student of life it makes my life more fascinating to me, I'm always challenging myself to see how far I can take myself. Having the problem of starting and then stopping is one of my biggest set backs. So I set minitature goals. I started with something I always wanted to do. That is to self publish my own books. So I started a series called Handlin Yo Bizness. Which so far I've written two books. I am in the process of putting together another book as soon as I finish taking my real estate test. Which is taking a lot out of me. That is another goal I set for myself. I have considered that since my son is grown it is my turn to live my life so I do just that. I have time to do more so I spend time doing just that. Coming from a family where low self-esteem was something that became part of me, I never thought I would get this far. But I kept persevering and I can truly say that I am on my way to my place not just in life but my life.

Now tell me how you feel about yourself?

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