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When I first began my business, I was a rogue marketer marketing out of necessity. The law firm, I was the marketing manager for downsized. The attorney had practiced over 25 years and gearing to retire. The entire marketing department, eight employees were laid off or re-organized. I needed to generate income to pay bills. Years later my circumstances have changed, I no longer wear the label of a rogue marketer however I still must generate income to pay bills. In my beginning I chose guerrilla marketing strategies because for me it worked. I read many books about marketing traditionally and know the strategies they talked about are sound and effective. The biggest drawback for me about traditional marketing was the time needed to generate profits and also traditional marketing required money to invest in it. I did not have the time or marketing investment money required for traditional marketing. I was working against a 30 day cycle. Every 30 days you must pay where you stay. As Neo in The Matrix would say, “Time is always against us”

Over the years I received serious criticism about marketing on one wing. I was advised from many that you must develop your business before marketing it, and you must park your website before it is fully developed. The advice was correct. Flying on one wing has its limitations and so not the “right way”, but it has advantages also, like being able to pay where you stay.

For me it seemed an excuse not to pursue my business because of lack of time and resources. It has not been a crystal stair, but I would not change my walk of faith beginning.

An idea or vision is only great unless it is acted on and you must start somewhere. If you don’t act on life, life will act on you. I ask myself daily, what are you willing to do to get what you say you want? I continue to dot my “I’s” and cross my “T’s” always striving to develop into a business that will fly on four wings.

If you have created a concept or business, begin thinking of ways to market your business or services creatively. Testing and refining your marketing are important keys. It is a process of commitment to your dream and idea. Review the history about successful businesses and you will find out just how much flying on one wing they did in the beginning. One successful motivational speaker, Les Brown had humble beginnings, Google it.

Now think back on your local or community beauticians, insurance agents, auto mechanics, soul food restaurant, lawn care service, etc: remember if they started preparing hot meals from their home, fixing cars in the back yard, or coming to your home to braid or style your hair. All mentioned would not fit into the category of traditional marketing or the “right way” to market and do business.

Now that I think about it guerrilla marketing definitely chose me!

Always a blessing to share, Dream your World! or

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