Allow me to introduce myself & my company.


I'm Starr. First I would like to express how excited I am to be a part of a wonderful network. I'm looking forward to connecting and corresponding with you all. Opening my mind to new and wonderful ideas and great positive energy,

Here is a little information about me and my company.

As a cancer survivor I know what it feels like when one looses their hair from illness and treatment. When I was loosing my hair, I researched and researched all over trying to find a way to feel mentally and emotionally healthy while going through vast treatments of chemotherapy.

It is important to feel great in all aspects when you are going through such physical changes. Not looking your best is excepted and you are reassured by your doctor, family and friends that it is understandable. I don't think anyone can truly understand the depth of mental and emotional that it does have on one. Especially in the self esteem area when it comes down to the old saying I can as clear as day hear my grandmother stating. "Sometimes in order to really feel good. You have to look good."

I know, sounds shallow. But it is actually the truth. On my worst days, I started to do my hair. Wear a little makeup and as I looked in the mirror day by day. I started to feel so much better about my self. In turn, a boost of the new found emotional and mental gave me even more strength to fight harder.

Here at Starr’s Hollywood Hair. We strive in helping you achieve the fantastic and natural look you desire as well as helping you to achieve the self love you so rightfully deserve.

Join us in celebrating the beauty of every woman of all races with quality natural looking full lace & lace front wigs. Frontal hairpieces. We’re your online source to fantastic hair, plus a little extra tender loving care.

Love & Light,

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