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Being a woman in business is about more than reconciling your accounts and growing your business. Oftentimes, one of the primary motivators of a woman in business is her desire to spend quality time with her family. Does that desire resonate with you? If you are a parent in the busy California world, and particularly if you are the parent of a child with special needs, then you're quite familiar with what it takes to manage your schedule along with your child's particular needs. 

Generally speaking, children can experience stress through a variety of situations such as school, homework, over-stimulation, bullying or tension at home. Finding ways for your child to deal with the anxiety is important and can make them more resistant to stress throughout the years. Whether your child has been formally diagnosed, or you have seen signs that your child might be experiencing over-stimulation and sensory challenges, what follows are some options to consider.

Interactive Visualizations

Serene and peaceful settings can instill calm during a panic attack. Busy parents who are in the Los Angeles area, for example, can take their child on an interactive tour through the less hectic nearby city of Santa Clarita. Here they’ll find breathtaking views, tranquil waters, sun and sand. In addition to the amusement park attractions, water parks, shops and restaurants, Santa Clarita is a charming community that is ideal for those who want their child to escape the stress and anxiety of big city living. Visit the Santa Clarita classifieds website for details, and plan something special for your child.

Blow Bubbles

Have a child under the age of 10? Outdoor bubble blowing uses the diaphragm to take deep breaths, so they can easily form these unique soap-like shapes. The art of bubble blowing takes your child’s mind off the panic by allowing them to concentrate on what they are doing. Deep breathing expands the body’s lungs, lowers the heart rate and calms the mind. Various tools such as straws, bubble pipes and giant wands can all add to the experience.

Play Dough

Therapists advise children with stress and anxiety disorders to break out the play dough. By forming the clay into various shapes and working with the dough, they can center their minds with more positive thoughts, while relieving tension. Pediatric therapists find that children who experience overwhelming thoughts and over-stimulation find that playing with play dough to be engrossing and can encourage the use of their other senses.


Young individuals who experience stress and anxiety disorders need endorphins to stave off these nervous feelings. The body releases cortisol when it begins to feel stressed and overwhelmed, and exercises to release the feel good endorphins can aid those who have nervous tendencies. A number of activities can aid in this process and may include swimming, jumping rope, walking, biking and running. Hiking along a peaceful nature trail, camping along a quiet stream and making a campfire underneath the stars can also shift your mind away from these negative feelings and replace them with happy and serene thoughts.

Dolls and Action Figures

Working through anxieties can be difficult for small children. However, dolls and action figures have been proven to be helpful because the symbolic playfulness can alleviate their fear in an environment that is non-threatening. Powerful action figures such as Spiderman or Batman can help them overcome anxiety, as they’re able to stand up to villains by way of action figures. Through this interactive play, your child will learn self-confidence and to incorporate these situations into their everyday lives.

If you are seeing signs that your California child may be over-stimulated, nature-based settings, peaceful activities and interactive play can all nurture the situation and relieve their stress for both the child and his/her parent(s). Helping your child develop simple solutions to manage their own problems is a life skill they can use through childhood and well into their adult years.  

Akilah Richards is a Certified Family Life Educator who shares information about ways to achieve and maintain work-life harmony. As a busy parent and entrepreneur, she finds that preparation is a vital part of her daily structure. Informative websites such as Santa Clarita classifieds offers a great way for California parents to pre-plan their activities and lessen the stress of managing family and business. 

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