An Untapped Dream: An African American Shoe Designer Extraordinaire.

Good evening.

Wow, this is my first time actually submitting my thoughts on a blog. Well, I have some random thoughts for you for my first entry.

I love shoes, what can I say. It was a sheer classic when Mr. Big gave Carrie a hugh closet just to house her shoes as an engagement gift and as a topping, a new pair of royal blue Manolo Blanik. I love shoes so much, that's all that a man would need to give me and promise to always continue to fill my closet with 20 new pairs of shoes every two months.

I know every shoe that I own and I don't ever forget a pair. I even know if one pair is missing as I feel that I have a bond with all of my shoes. However, there is a thought that has crossed my mind many times over. I know that there are black shoe designers out there but, why aren't there any one of them on the level of these so revered designers such as Manolo Blanik, Prada, Gucci, Christian Louboutian, Jimmy Choo, etc. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love their designs but. . .I know that this isn't where the creativity and recognition should end. I contemplate if African Americans will ever be able to truly break out into the fashion scene and be truly respected in the same manner as our counterparts. I know that as much as I see a black woman switch her hips and make her heels sing "Watch me work this walk" and show so many that natural swagger that we as black women have. And to me, no one knows how to rip a walk the way that a black woman does and I am looking for the designs that speak to this "walk" that black women posses. "Just a seriously bad pair of pumps" is what I am looking for designed by us that speaks to us, piques the curiosity of everyone who isn't us and demands the recognition that is so long deserved.

It's fine to salivate from time to time over a bad pair of Chanel Boots but, I would like to channel my energies toward a designer who truly designed their shoes with the thought of ebony soles inhabiting them.

That's my thought for today as I prepare to slip out of my Nine West pumps into some Nine West flats, for the evening until I get home.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

Atlanta, Georgia

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