I just read an article titled "Caffeinated Energy Drinks-A Growing Problem" and boy did I get some insight!

According to the authors Reissig, Strain and Griffiths, "…the caffeine content from 1 can of energy drink could range from 50mg to 505mg and the content regulations and health warnings on the cans are the most lax in the US."

This means you may or may not REALLY know how much caffeine is in that can of your favorite energy drink! :(

The knowledge was surprising to me because there are so many energy drinks out there that people consume, sometimes daily. I remember while attending and working at a local university, I would see an energy drink booth set up for various events on campus. These events could range from Job Fairs to Exam Week activities. We could ALWAYS depend on getting FREE give-a-ways of energy drinks.

Since they were FREE guess how many people took only 1, not that many :(

I drank an energy drink once. I stayed up for many hours and then there was that CRASH! I was sleepy and groggy most of the next day. It was not a good feeling.

Luckily I am not an energy drink fanatic but if you are I do know of a product that is an all NATURAL super concentrate of ionic trace minerals, essential vitamins, fruits and herbs. The product is called NatraBoost and it will change the way you drink energy drinks.

You won't have to worry about high concentrates of caffeine and you will not have to wonder what it is you are putting in your body. The information is readily available.

Don't wait, find out right now about NatraBoost and see all the nutritional value NatraBoost has compared to that energy drink you have been drinking all this time.

This is my insight for you and I look forward to hearing how you became a NatraBoost fanatic.

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