Getting too caught up in the details of your business can easily throw you off track. Say what? How can focusing on too much detail get you off track? Let me explain with my own experience that I’ve noticed and how it applies to your business goals.

Have you ever tried to do Yoga, Pilates or an exercise that required you to hold your balance?

When I was experimenting with different exercises on DVD, I find one that was challenging, and it stretched me beyond what I thought were my limits. I was challenged to hold a certain stance for what seemed like forever. I thought I was in pretty good shape ― I regularly work out 3-4 times a week.  Surprisingly, I couldn't get more than a couple of steps before I'd lose my balance and either trip over my feet or tip over. I got frustrated! I thought, there’s no way I can do this.

What I learned from the instructor is, I had a better chance of keeping in balance by finding a point in the room to focus on.  After taking that piece of advice, and focusing on a goal; I successfully balanced my weight by looking at a picture down the hallway in my dining room. It was only when I focused on “every little thing” in the room that I’d lose my balance.

It can happen the same way in business, too. When you focus on “every little thing” in the details of the short-term, you “fall off track” in where you wanted to go.  I coach my clients to have a vision for their lives/business, so I believe in having the details of building the kind of business you want. You can’t get anywhere without a step-by-step process to reach your goal.  And consequently, if your eyes are everywhere except on the goal, you are bound to lose your footing.

My point is to focus on the needs of your target market. What solutions do you have to ease their pain? It can be too distracting when you try to implement all the bells and whistles, get trapped in the new shinning thing that’s out, and find yourself not getting anywhere in your business.  That keeps you stuck and off track.  The only way to stay on track is by looking toward your ultimate goal: you are helping people solve some problem in return for them repaying you fairly for the time and effort you put into it. Now, there’s the true essence of business, not the details of your business.  All you need to do is take the steps to the point, in the distance. And the more you take that to heart, the more easily you'll stay on track toward your goal.

Have you gotten off track in your business? Have you lost your clarity and focus? I am offering “The F.A.S.T. Track to Grow Your Business: Focus, Action, Strategy and Time” that is starting this fall. See details, and register today!

Cherri Walston is known as The Big Picture Catalyst.She helps women solo-entrepreneurs and small-business owners stay focused and productuve, so they can generate more clients and sky-rocket their income. Pick up her FREE report on, "Six Clues You Are Getting In the Way of Living Your Vision".

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