This past week, I received quite a few emails from women wanting to start their business up or over; interested in my advice. When I get these requests, I like to bring them to your attention (just in case you were also in the same boat). They generally have reviewed my videos and/or my extensive eBook library and are looking to learn how to better market their businesses online.

As a matter of fact, I just got this email a few days ago:

Hi LaShanda, I was wondering , I have an on-line biz for a while now. I did well then i hit a dry spell. I was thinking of doing your start up sista 30 day $79 or do you think I should do the other bundle discount that you for 15+ Ebooks and 30 video tutorials for $97.00? I might be better to start all over again reinvent myself and my business and get my customers back. - R.R.

While I did decide last year, to take the bulk of my eBooks and combine them into the Black Business Starter Kit, I decided to take it up a notch for 2010. In addition to my 15+ Marketing eBooks, the Starter Kit now includes 3 eCourses: Startup Sista (starting your business online), Selling On Social Networks (social media marketing for beginners), and How to Find Customers Online (the name says it all). I also decided to add my latest three eBooks in the How to Make Money Online Series: How to Make Your First $1000, How to Make Money MLM and Network Marketing as well as How to Make Money Coaching. I really wanted to make sure that if you are in my circle and you wanted to start up or start over, I gave you a well rounded collection of eBooks and online video tutorials that explained exactly what I did to market, build, and profit from my business online.

The new Starter Kit is $197, but for the next few days I am offering it to my sistasense readers and BBWO members for $99. Click here for details. Offer expires after first 50 downloads or 3/12/10, whichever one comes first.

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