Here is a healing manual that provides a great big hug for children!

Moms, Dads, Teachers, Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles:
Here’s how to restore hope to your children so they can have a fun-filled and joyous childhood

-Does your child hate going to school?
-Is your child showing signs of withdrawal and resentment?
-Is your child sad for no reason at all?

I experienced these problems as a child.
I got bullied because I was in the ‘scholars program’ for gifted children.
I got bullied because my mom made my clothes and she always made a small handbag to match. The other little girls didn’t like the fact that they too didn’t have a matching handbag. I even got bullied because I had a ‘natural space' between my two front teeth.

Childhood was ugly for me!

Sometimes children can be so cold and severely damaging with their words and actions, crushing one's self esteem.

This is where I step in!

My name is Missie Shealey and I wrote a wonderfully encouraging book for children called Pookie Lookie, the Pink Spotted Panda Bear.
Growing up was no cake walk for me! As I stated earlier, I was constantly bullied and physically abused by my peers.

Let me tell you the Pookie Lookie story.

I wrote Pookie Lookie, the Pink Spotted Panda Bear ten years ago, while I was enduring a bad situation.
I needed an out to ease my mind and soothe my soul. I turned to writing.
The original Pookie Lookie was and still is my niece Jasmine.
I named her Pookie Lookie when she was first born. She just looked like a Pookie Lookie to me!
In 1998, I consulted with Jasmine about turning her nick name into an actual character and she agreed.

We chose the adorable and well loved Panda. I decided to give Pookie Lookie pink spots to make her extra special. I wrote the book and shared it with Jasmine first, who absolutely loved it. Then I shared it with friends and family. Everyone loved the story.
In 2005, I was connected to a publisher who helped me share Pookie Lookie with the world.

As I shared my book through book signings and the like, I realized that my story connected readers with a common thread, that dreadful bullying syndrome.
When I took time to sit back and absorb it, I discovered this was a story about me!
What a HUGE wake up call!
That’s when I realized that Pookie Lookie had taken on a life of its own. It became a healing manual that provided a great big hug for children!

*Pookie Lookie will give your child comfort and direction

*The Pookie Lookie song ‘We are all Perfect Pandas’ will give your child courage

*Pookie Lookie will help parents, teachers, and family talk to their children about bullies and how to deal with bad situations.

The Pookie Lookie book is $12.95, add $3.00 for shipping and handling cost.
With your purchase, we will also include a download of 10 free tips about child enrichment.

go to to order your copy!

Here’s what parents are saying about Pookie Lookie!

Tauheedah S.
‘I love Pookie Lookie. Everyone who has children should have this book’

For a limited time only, you can
receive a signed copy of the Pookie Lookie book.
We guarantee that your child will love Pookie Lookie and will start to gain a since of belonging.
Don’t let your child miss out on new hope and joy. Time is running out.
Get your signed copy.
Order now!

'Thank you for loving your child and giving them a daily
dose of Pookie Lookie hugs!'

To order the book. go to

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