Blogging in the New Year … 2010 Plans and Predictions

I just finished reading the 2010 Web Predictions on Black Web 2.0, which pointed out an important fact. Big Businesses are going to be blogging now more than ever in 2010. New Media, Social Media … Blogs… it’s all changing the way everybody does business. That means you better bring in the New Year with Blogging on the brain!

Lucky for you I’ve put together the new ‘Blogging for Beginners’ video series. [Watch Now]

Top Priority in 2010:

Building Blogs instead of regular websites, Blogging for Profit, Branding Your Business Online with Blogs, and Using Blogs to generate new income. [Learn More Here]

New Year, New You, New Money in 2010
Tomorrow marks the first day towards a new you in the New Year! For me, today is day 16. I am officially 16 days into my 24 day Holiday vacation in sunny Florida. What does my vacation have to do with your beginning? Well…. everything!

Today, I’m aiming to share a little inspiration and A LOT of motivation for you by being an example. This is your year to make the kind of money you want to take your own vacation, to where you want, whenever you want by making it a POINT to create a new you with new wealth in 2010!

Here’s the deal… I’m gonna give you quick consultation and you don’t even have to pay me for it (smile). Here is the most important thing that I learned during my transformation from side hustle sista to work at home mom, “When you are new to building an online business, it can be difficult to find people who want to buy, but it’s pretty easy to find folks who are willing to pay!” In other words, there are people online who want to pay you to:

1. Teach Them Something
2. Do Something For Them
3. Sell Something For them

The key is to find out who these people are, so I did! When that light bulb revelation went off in my head, I quickly discovered the easiest ways to make money online are:

1. Affiliate Marketing: Making a Commission by Selling Other People’s Stuff
2. Coaching and Consulting: Teaching my skills to people who want to invest in themselves (ie aspiring entrepreneurs)
3. Selling My Services to people who want to get the job done BUT they don’t have the time OR desire to do it for themselves

If you want New Money in this New Year, get with the program! Take some of those hours that you slave away at your computer looking for buyers and start catering to the millions of payers online.

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Comment by Monica Jones on January 12, 2010 at 6:50pm
So True very important to get the business out there..
Comment by Deborah Burnett on January 9, 2010 at 3:57pm
This article is so true. I'm going to put my focus into letting people know why they should invest in homemade, whether it's cloth, jewelry, hair products, you name it. I'm going to blog about it and do some videos. I really want to be a stay-at-home mompreneur and this is going to be my year.
Comment by Zhana on January 1, 2010 at 12:01pm
What you are saying is so important. Running a successful business is about helping people get what they want.

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