Body Image Issues vs Accepting Your True Greatness: Jai Stone Talks about the Power of a Healthier You on TD Jakes new Show


In my experience working with a range of women entrepreneurs, I've found that so many women want their businesses to run beautifully and yet ironically struggle to find the beauty within. The struggle I refer to is often times displayed in the form of a fear and resistance to being seen in photos or videos. I will often hear statements like "I want the business to run itself", "I don't want to be the face of my business" or "I hate the way I look on camera."


We live in a very critical world. I personally know that the fear of being judged not only by our businesses, but by our looks is more than most can bare. For years I didn't upload a photo of myself online and used a cartoon character to represent me. It got so bad one lady said, "I didn't know if BBWO was really run by a black woman, a white man, or a robot!" Today I honestly can't remember all the reasons why I was so resistant to being the face of my business. I just know that eventually I realized there is no place in business for shy entrepreneurs and further more, as entrepreneurs (like it or not) we are the faces of our businesses (period).


Being resistant to sharing your true self can really block your blessings and have damaging effects on the growth of your business. As a matter of fact, on the topic of "fear, body image issues and resistance to your true greatness", I had a chance to interview power circle expert Jai Stone. In addition to being a speaker at our 2014 Power Circle Conference, Jai also happens to be talking about the topic of a Healthier You on TD Jakes new show airing this Sunday at 2pm on BET.


Jai, tell us more about your topic on TD Jakes upcoming show:
Healthier You is the show title. In short, I finally found the courage to publicly address my private struggle with obesity. What a platform, right?! I mean TD Jakes and BET -- go big or stay home I guess (shrugs).


What has been your personal lesson learned with respect to body image issues and being a healthier you?
My primary lesson was that there is power in vulnerability. Shame can't exist in the light. But I had to have lots of coaching from my life coach Akilah Richards and therapist Jack A. Daniels. They were basically a tag team to get me to break down my walls and tell my REAL story. I spent several days crying and nervous before the show. I was about to share my greatest humiliation with the world. Things I had not even shared with my closest friends and family.


What is one thing you would encourage other women to do with respect to their personal fears and concerns about their health and body image?
EVERYONE has a fitness journey, even if its NOT weight. Find the right support professionals to help you get your life on track.


What was it like being on the TD Jakes Show?
Whaaatttt??!! (High pitch squeal). It was one of the most amazing and life altering experiences of my life. BET treated me like a Rock Star. They sent a car for me, I had my own dressing room. They even set me up with the Glam Squad from the Monique Show. 5-star treatment all the way. A girl could get used to that real quick!


One woman entrepreneur to another, how did you get on the show?
One of the assistant producers follows me on Twitter. She saw a post I wrote for where I put a different spin on the battle of the bulge. She passed it on the the show producers. They contacted me the day after the post went up on the site. THAT is the power of social media and creating strong meaningful content. You get seen and folks will invite you to share your story. My blogging has led to some amazing opportunities including this one.


Do you have any advice for other women entrepreneurs looking for opportunities to gain media exposure for their business and/or brand?
I have tons of advice. Chose your platform and dominate it. For me its Blogging and I use social media to promote my blogs. But it could be radio, television or speaking engagements. Just make sure you follow rule #1 BE FREAKING AMAZING!!!


Is there anything else you’ve got planned or coming up in the near future?
Well you know me, I always have SOMETHING cooking on the back burner. But what's hot right now is the new book that I'm launching in December. Eating Cupcakes Naked is a collection of 13 parables chronicle some of the most pivotal and life altering experiences in my robust life. I'm excited to share my stories with the world.


SistaSense Shares
I've known Jai Stone for several years now and to see how much she has stepped into her greatness as a woman and a blog entrepreneur I am truly impressed. I remember when she attended one of my previous 3 day conferences and talked about her resistance to being in front of the camera for fear of commentary and cruel criticism. I incorporate mobile video marketing sessions within my events, so I made it a point to get her behind that camera and show how dynamic she was and how amazing her story truly is, so its wonderful to see her not only creating videos but now speaking on nationally syndicated shows, sharing her story.

Whether it be blogging, photos or video marketing as an entrepreneur eventually you will have to step into your greatness. It is essential that you become comfortable with sharing your story and also being the face of your business. As we watch Jai's journey together, clearly you can see she is proof in the power of being vulnerable and striving towards a healthier image of you.

Ladies are you ready to let go of that fear and those body image issues that are holding you back on the path to being a healthier you?
Leave a comment and share your thoughts with us. Plus remember to join Jai, myself and all the wonderful women attending our 2014 Power Circle Conference. This is truly a one of a kind mastermind style event for serious women entrepreneurs and our topic this year will be Unblocking Your Blessings to build your best Business.Life.Self.


About Jai Stone
Emotional Nudity was birth from Jai Stone’s struggle with a life of suppression, her message was carved from the pain of rejection. After decades of trying to fit in, Stone finally found the courage to break free from the social norms that threatened to smother her soul. Now Jai has dedicated her life to helping others find their personalized path to fulfillment through the Emotional Nudity Lifestyle (ENL). The ENL brand focuses on promoting authentic living in every aspect of life. Ever so humble, Jai Stone ALWAYS refers to herself as an OBEDIENT VESSEL and believes her work is her divine calling. Visit to learn more about Jai Stone and her amazing story.


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